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  • Statement Stones!

    s51153 Stone Pendant - Freeform OOAK - Banded AgateUnique, bold and expressive! Actually – I’m talking about these s51152 Stone Pendant - Freeform OOAK - Banded Agate/CarnelianOne of a Kind (OOAK) stone pendants, not the staff here. These Stone pendants are definitely the place to start for making something that will stop traffic, start conversation and make you the center of attention. These are large and in charge – in charge of being gorgeous!

    If you are feeling even more adventuresome, we have some freeform polished agate slices. No holes in these – so you will have to be a little more creative in how to hang or secure them – either by making a bezel out of seedbeads, wire wrapping, or … something else.s51162 Stone - Polished Freeform Agate Slice - Ocean Blue Traditional metal smithing! These are thin enough to be translucent – I think that they would look lovely hanging in a window as a window decoration! And they are kind of like a box of chocolates – you never know what you are going to get, just that they will be yummy.


    s51164 Stone Bead/Pendant - Freeform Nuggets - TurquoiseAnd speaking of one of a kind, check out this little stash of freeform turquoise nuggets. This is old stock Sleeping Beauty. Lots of fine grained grey matrix – real beauties indeed.

    s51157 Stone - 40 mm Carved Flower - Sodalite

    These carved Sodalite flowers have been getting a ton of attention too while they sat on my desk. You might not want to linger over these … this was a one-time scoop too!



    s51073 Stone Beads - 12 mm Square - Sunset Mookaite (strand)s51076 Stone Beads - 30 x 40 mm Oval - Sunset MookaiteAnd to go with all these stones, a full line of Sunset Mookaite. Caramel, ivory, chocolate and burgundy are the themes here.


    So check out all the cool new stuff in a cool new website! Bead Happy!


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Our Class News

  • Help Us Help Others with the BeadFX Food Drive

    LogoMany of us in Toronto and the surrounding area are lucky! We have some discretionary money that we can spend on non-essentials that won’t impact on monies we need to pay our bills, rent or mortgage, and other necessities.

    Many in Toronto are not so lucky and are having problems managing the essentials. These individuals and families need to decide if money goes toward food or hydo or rent or anything else that may be required for daily living. Families are particularly hard hit because it means children go hungry.

    I’ve had my luck run out and had to deal with social assistance for a time. It’s not fun.

    You can help those who need a hand up with a donation of canned or non-perishable foods. As we’ve done in previous years, BeadFX will have a decorated box near the front entrance where you can drop-off food.

    What kind of donations are useful? Just about anything: dry pasta, cans of pasta sauce, canned vegetables, cereals, peanut butter, dry milk, rice and beans or lentils. Also essential is baby formula! And yes, treats such as chocolates are good for the soul.

    You can also consider items like soap and shampoo. No, they can’t be eaten but they are still needed!

    The donation box will be at our entrance until Tuesday, December 20. On Wednesday morning, our staff will take the contents to the Fire Station on Bermondsey near Eglinton Avenue.

    Thank you so much!

Our Latest Inspiration

  • InspirationFX: Bookmarks


    by: Bonnie Cottingham, Anne Marie Desaulniers and Pam Kearns


    Mixed Metallics by Bonnie Cottingham

    Do you know someone who likes a little of everything? Some of this and a little of that? This bookmark is easy to put together; it will be limiting your ideas that will be hard! Pick out your components and attach using jumprings. If your not a fan of the mixed metal look, you still have endless possibilities within your choice of metal colour. Enjoy, Explore and Create!

    Shivering Blooms by Anne Marie Desaulniers

    blooms shiver

    leaves fall

    weather cools

    branches sway

    cycle ends

    Have you ever considered that the end of a cycle, is just the start of a new beginning? This ice blue colour scheme, marks the end of a cycle, which in reality, is just a short, dark period. Where there’s darkness, there’s also hope for rebirth, and a return to warmth. The cycle never really ends!!

    This bookmark is the result of a challenge to come up with a store sample, to enhance our product display. I immediately thought of using flowers and leaves, and then just let my muse lead the way. The rest is just a memory, dancing on the winds of change! These bookmarks make perfect little stocking stuffers, hostess and teacher gifts! Make some for your family, friends, or even yourself. As for me, I will be abandoning a few in the library. Some intentional, and other’s not!!

    1. Attach one 7mm jumpring to the bookmark

    2. You will be making three ‘Shivering Blooms’ component strings. One in each of the flower colours.

    3. Each flower is strung on an eyepin as follows – eyepin/size 15 seedbead/flower/wrapped loop, to complete a flower set.

    4. The top of each wire wrapped loop (see “Tips and Techniques” Section for instructions), is connected to the bottom of each eyepin, for every flower set.

    5. To make Component String 1 – make and attach 5 wire wrapped, flower loop sets, using the Flared Cup Flowers, in Blue Opal Azuro.

    6. Attach the 1.25 – Filigree Leaf – Silver, to the bottom of Component String 1 (open eyepin loop – attach leaf – close eyepin loop.

    7. To make Component String 2 – make and attach 5 wire wrapped, flower loop sets, using the Flared Cup Flowers, in Alexandrite.

    8. Attach one Long Lancet Leaf – Antique Pewter, to the bottom of Component String 2 (open eyepin loop – attach leaf – close eyepin loop.

    9. To make Component String 3 – make and attach 3 wire wrapped, flower loop sets, using the Flared Cup Flowers, in Crystal AB.

    10. Attach one Long Lancet Leaf – Antique Pewter, to the bottom of Component String 3 (open eyeing loop – attach leaf – close eyepin loop

    11. Add all three ‘Shivering Blooms’ component strings, to one open 6mm jumpring.

    12. Attach the open jumpring, to the closed jumpring, that you previously attached to the bookmark, in Step 1.

    13. Close jumpring.

    Congratulations, your bookmark is complete. Now go forth and read, gift and abandon as festively as desired!

    Holly Jolly Bookmark by Pam Kearns

    Here’s a quick gift idea for the book lover on your Christmas list!
    Simply stack the two pearls (biggest at the bottom) and the bicone crystal on to the headpin. Start the wrapped loop and slip the wire end through bookmark end before completing the wrap. Alternatively, you can finish the wrap and attach it to the bookmark with a jump ring.

    You can use the bookmark as a gift topper for or even put it on the Christmas tree (sort of like a candy cane!)



    Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!

    Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.