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  • Welcome to the Stone Age January 17, 2019

    As promised at the beginning of the year, this week we start rolling out some premium stone beads and pendants and cabochons that were recently unearthed in the preparations for my renovation. Ahem. My bad – but the good news is, this is quality that even a few short years later, is getting harder and harder to find.

    First up – a stunning assortment of Amazonite. Strands of beads …

    s36940 Stone Beads - 8mm Round - Top Quality Amazonite (strand)
    s36939 Stone Beads - 6mm Round - Top Quality Amazonite (strand)
    s36941 Stone Beads - 10mm Round - Top Quality Amazonite (strand)
    s36947 Stone Beads - 6x8mm Nuggets - Top Quality Amazonite (strand)

    Or these One of a Kind strands of large, freeform stones that you can use one at a time, or in one fabulous statement piece.

    s5710 Stone Beads OOAK - Medium Freeform Oval - Top Quality Amazonite (strand)
    s6773 Stone Beads OOAK - Large Freeform Oval - Top Quality Amazonite (strand)

    Turquoise Heishi, just because.

    s27297 Stone Beads - 4mm Heishi - Turquoise (strand)

    Reaching for a somewhat deeper shade of colour, we have some Chrysocolla. These are by the each.

    s13072 Stone Beads - Limited Edition - Small Freeform Oval - Chrysocolla
    s13083 Stone - Large Freeform Oval - Chrysocolla
    s13093 Stone - Medium Freeform Oval - Chrysocolla

    Next, we have some Malachite Azurite cabochons. These too, are One of a Kind items.

    s13085 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 28x53mm Freeform Pointed Oval - Malachite Azurite
    s14407 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 35x40mm Freeform Drop - Malachite Azurite
    s14411 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 36x56mm Freeform Drop - Malachite Azurite
    s16354 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 30x50mm Freeform Drop - Malachite Azurite
    s35791 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 35x53mm Freeform Drop - Malachite Azurite
    s35795 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 30x53mm Freeform Drop - Malachite Azurite
    s45611 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 29x54mm Freeform Drop - Malachite Azurite
    s45612 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 35x53mm Freeform Oval - Malachite Azurite
    s45614 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 26x50mm Freeform Pointed Oval - Malachite Azurite
    s50263 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 28x54mm Freeform Oval - Malachite Azurite
    s50264 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 36x65mm Freeform Pointed Oval - Malachite Azurite

    Going still deep and richer in colour, we have some Lapis Lazuli. Lapis is one of my favourite stones, and I know that it has been a favourite stone of many, many people over thousands of years. The rondelles are awesome, but the faceted cubes, O.M.G!

    s18990 Stone Beads - Limited Edition - 8mm Faceted Rondelles - Lapis Lazuli (strand)
    s43828 Stone Beads - Limited Edition -  Faceted Cubes - Lapis Lazuli (strand)

    Still a deep blue, but with splashes of peach – Orange Sodalite. These are particularly nice – with the contrast of the colours and the intensity. We think you’ll be “so-delighted.” 😉

    s39667 Stone Beads - 6mm Round - Orange Sodalite (strand)
    s39668 Stone Beads - 8mm Round - Orange Sodalite (strand)
    s39669 Stone Beads - 12mm Round - Orange Sodalite (strand)

    Onward to the Amethyst! If you like your amethyst dark and gemmy – have we got a treat for you!

    s34759 Stone Beads - Limited Edition -  Faceted Fat Briolettes - Dark Amethyst (strand)
    s22213 Stone Beads - 8x11mm Faceted Freeform - Dark Amethyst (strand)
    s5709 Stone Beads - Limited Edition -  Faceted Flat Drop - Dark Amethyst (strand)

    Or, if you think variety is the spice of jewelry, then we have that amethyst too!

    s23223 Stone Beads - 12mm Square - Amethyst (strand)
    s26229 Stone Beads - Limited Edition -  Freeform Drops - Amethyst (strand)
    s27669 Stone Beads -  Faceted Nuggets - Dark Amethyst (strand)
    s28109 Stone Beads - 20x10mm Double Drilled Rectangle - Dog Tooth Amethyst (strand)
    s34766 Stone Beads - 5x15mm Flat Chip - Dark Amethyst (strand)
    s50300 Stone Beads -  Trapezoid / Keystone - Dark Amethyst (strand)

    Look! More Larimar. Not as intensely coloured as some that we have offered recently, but full of interesting inclusions and matrix. These are pendants, they have holes for hanging, and I have to say, these first two have massive side-to-side holes you could drive a truck through (over 4 mm!)

    s60872 Stone Pendant - OOAK - 33x38mm Freeform - Larimar
    s60873 Stone Pendant - OOAK - 30x32mm Freeform - Larimar
    s60874 Stone Pendant - OOAK - 33x39mm Freeform - Larimar
    s60875 Stone Pendant - OOAK - 32x38mm Freeform - Larimar

    And finally for this week, some New Burma Jade. New Jade, Burma Jade, New Burma Jade, are all a “trade name” for Serpentine. It is a different family, technically, than Jade itself, if you are any good at keeping that stuff straight, but no less attractive for someone’s decision somewhere to change the name. It’s green, and translucent, and the flat ovals with a hole at each end present some interesting design possibilities, no?

    s38351 Stone Beads - 6mm Round - New Burma Jade (strand)
    s38352 Stone Beads - 8mm Round - New Burma Jade (strand)
    s38353 Stone Beads - Limited Edition - 14mm Round - New Burma Jade (strand)
    s38357 Stone Beads - Limited Edition - 18x30mm Oval Links - New Burma Jade (strand)

    That’s it for this week. More wonderful stuff next week – but you know how these one of a kind items fly out the door!


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Our Class News

  • Getting the most from a BeadFX class, part 2

    Learning is an investment in yourself. It requires time to take the class and practise your skills. There is also a financial cost for the fees and any materials you require. So, how do you get the best return on your investment?

    I asked our instructors how students can help themselves to get the most out of a class. Part 1 of this article is posted here. Here are some more tips to help you become a great learner.

    Perfection is not a requirement. View making mistakes as an extra learning opportunity. Often times making a mistake enriches the experience of trying something new, the solutions to fixing errors are invaluable.

    If you’re overly concerned about what to expect, then check-out a You Tube video about the particular technique. Keep in mind that the instructor may teach the topic a little differently than You Tube. What is the bonus with a live instructor? You can ask questions!

    Keep your planner up-to-date. This may sound obvious, but many students have completely forgotten about a scheduled class.

    Shop for materials before the class. If the class has started and you’re still shopping, then you are losing out on valuable learning time.

    A class is not a contest. You don’t actually need to prove to the instructor and all the other students what a great artist you are – relax, learn, have fun.

    It’s okay to be a slow and steady learner. If you are finding something difficult, then congratulations! You are learning something new.

    Practise your new skills! Bring your instructions and your material and come to Open Bead Nights, Afternoon Bead Teas, Open Metal Studio and Happy Hour Torching sessions. The facilitators are all experienced and are ready to help you learn.

    Do you have any tips to help others learn? Let me know at pam@beadfx.com!

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    Want a change from jewelry, but still decorative and pretty? These Miyuki Decor Kits are a little different – good for cold, snowy days.

    s60745 Kit -  Miyuki Beads Decor Kit - Havanera

    s60744 Kit -  Miyuki Beads Decor Kit - Bayadere
    Aren’t these cute?

    Sure, you say, but what ARE they?

    Kits that you bead up and frame to hang on your walls!

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