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September 30th, 2015

Where did September go? and Bueno Notches.

Just last week was August, right? And now it's fall, the leaves are turning, we had a big ol' supermoon eclipse, s46284 Swarovski Pendant - 44 mm Pure Drop (6532) with Trumpet Cap (Rhodium) - Aqua (1)Nasa found water on Mars, and ... where did the month go?

So if you are thinking of making Christmas presents this year ... you might want to get started - and we have some suggestions for you.


We added a couple more of the Swarovski Pure Drop Pendant with Cap. We now have 15 colour varieties of these elegant drops - with the lovely metal cap already attached. If you want to make something simple and elegant - one of these on a nice chain fits the bill perfectly. A pair of the smaller ones makes for a dramatic pair of earrings. Alternately - if you want to dress it up a bit, you can use a drop, or maybe 3, as the starting point, and embellish from there.

s46289 Swarovski Rhinestones - SS 34 - Xirius Rose Flatback NOT Hot Fix (2088) - Rose (24)If you want to do something "charming" for a friend that loves birthstones, then these size SS 34 flatbacks, some glue, and these stepped bezels are a perfect combo. And if they don't like their birthstone (some people don't you know!) - just go with their favourite colour!

January Siam (Garnet) Protects while traveling
February Amethyst Courage
March Aqua Facilitates Change
April Crystal (Diamond) Everlasting love
May Emerald Renewal
June Crystal AB (Pearl) Purity
July Ruby Passion
August Peridot Calmness
September Sapphire Wisdom
October Rose (Tourmaline) or Opal Loyalty / Fairness
November Topaz Family
December Blue Zircon Success

26010901-02 Notched Wire Wrapper - 22 mm Round - Antique Brass (1)If26010904-01 Notched Wire Wrapper - 10 x 15 mm Curved Heart - Gunmetal (1) you'd like to be a bit more adventurous - then how about the Notched Wire Wrappers? The "notches" cut into the sides let the wire grip when you wrap on to them; no sliding away. It's a good thing - Bueno Notches, in fact.

28601048-00 Finding - 60 mm Wooden Ring - Natural (1)Oh, and speaking of things to wrap around, wire, wool, thread, bead, whatever - this big wooden ring is going to speak to some of you, for sure!




s46330 Silver Silk - Knitted Wire - 6 mm Galaxy - Andromeda (24 inches)There may be flowing water on Mars - just think - we lived to see that! Might we live to see a colony s46332 Silver Silk - Knitted Wire - 6 mm Galaxy - Saturn (24 inches)on Mars? Anyway - while Nasa roves on Mars - we have our sights set on the Galaxies. The SilverSilk Knitted Galaxy wire - a 6 mm tube that you can stretch and it collapses down to a thin tube, and then, insert a pencil or wooden dowel or rod, and slide the wire tube up over it, and expand it back up to full size again! It's like magic! (SilverSilk has a couple of basic projects on their site if you need ideas.)

So - sorry to bring up the C-word (Christmas) before Thanksgiving - but we know some of us need a kick in the butt to get going - otherwise the next thing you know it's Dec 24th and you are printing out promissory notes for friends and relatives. It takes time to handcraft loving and thoughtful gifts, and sadly - time is always back-ordered. ;-)


And don't forget - if you love a bargain - more items in the Disco section - that's discontinued and discounted to move!

As ever - the new items can be viewed here, or click on a link or image and hop directly to that item! Cheers!




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