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July 27th, 2016

We're trumpeting the news!

s49785 Czech Glass - 12 mm Bugle Beads - Crystal Violet RainbowWell - bugling it - actually. Which, in the tradition of Punday means - we have s49793 Czech Glass - 12 mm Bugle Beads - Crystal Sunsetbugles! You should Czech them out - the skinny on these long beads is that they are totally tubular. 7 & 12 mm. For all those ornament designs - you know - for ... Christmas. Because it is almost August, and you need a good running head start on these things!




s49367 Czech Glass Button -  Startled Owl - Volcano Copper Wash

s49370 Czech Glass -  Flat Owl - Mahogany Gold Lustre (10)But if the thought of Christmas startled you - like this owl here - I apologize. Doesn't his expression look like he just encountered a proct-owl-agist with cold claws? We have enough owls to start an owl sanctuary - both buttons and beads. We give a hoot, really - I'm sorry - that joke probably made you 'owl. I see the tension is rising to a beak - I'll probably have to wing it out of here.



s49161 Czech Glass -  Flat Square Tablet - Coconut Slice (15)

s35678 Czech Glass - 11 x 10 mm Flat Square Tablet - Blackcurrent Ice Cream (Strand 15)The owls are Czech too - and part of more of our yummy Czech glass beads. And I do mean yummy! Coconut Slice, BlackCurrant Ice Cream, Plum Silk, and Rochelle. s11670 Czech Glass - 11 x 10 mm Flat Square Tablet - Rochelle (Strand 15)







That last one is not actually named for a food - but no less yummy for all of that. Rochelle fell on this at the unboxing and fondled them. So be warned - these beads have been pre-fondled.

Personally - my faves s16411 Czech Glass - 11 x 10 mm Flat Square Tablet - Geology (Strand 15)are the Geology and the Turquoise Picasso - although I already have plans for a bunch of these Central Cut beads too. s16413 Czech Glass - 11 x 10 mm Flat Square Tablet - Turquoise Picasso (Strand 15)


s49538 Czech Glass -  Central Cut - Turquoise Aqua Mix Picasso (15)








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