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  • Bead-Treat was a treat for all!

    There was laughter! There was fun! There were prizes! There was food! What was it? Bead-Treat!

    Seven women, coming from locales stretching from Amherstburg in Southwest Ontario through to Montreal, Quebec, and several points in-between, came together for three classes with three instructors over the May 4 – 6 weekend.

    Situated on the beautiful Fanshawe College campus in London, the participants learned how to construct Cavandoli end caps with Angela Peace, create a statement chainmaille bracelet with Marilyn Gardiner, and how to do sparkly beaded components to create a variety of projects with Pamela Kearns.

    We had lots of participation from our suppliers too, who provided lots of goodies for goodie bags and give-a-ways!

    On behalf of BeadFX, thank you to everyone who make our first retreat a success! Thank you to all of the participants who came out to our first retreat, and to the instructors who shared their knowledge and enthusiasm. Thank you to the goodie bag sponsors: John Bead, TierraCast, Caravan Beads, the BeadSmith, Frabels, and Triple M Tours. Thank you also to Mhai O Mhai Beads and Umicore (Jewellery and Industrial Metals) who provided door prizes over the weekend.


Our Latest Inspiration

  • Floating Rocks

    InspirationFX – Get your creative juices flowing


    by: Dwyn Tomlinson

    Rock it out with this floating rock creation! This project came together as an act of serendipity – happy coincidence. I had the sterling rocks on my table, thinking about a bracelet (which I also made, actually – sterling rocks with one lampwork bead, on stretchy elastic) and the Kaputt Pendant, with the bail, from the photo that I took for the website.

    And I thought that they looked really good together – and hey presto – next thing you know – I have this!You could make this without the curved tube too – the beads will stay on either side of the bail, so that’s alright. And you could, if you don’t like the floating look, fill in the space from the last rock bead to the clasp with small metal round beads or seedbeads.

    Or, you could try for black beading wire, and use crimps to hold the rock beads to the side and omit the tube bead, and wear it on a black cashmere sweater, and really go for the floating look! The contrast of floating and rock is fun!

    The pinch bail attaches to the Swarovski Kaputt pendant with a gentle squeeze to keep it in place.The bail fits easily over the gold curved tube – yes – I expect it will scratch a little with time. C’est la vie.

    String to the middle of your beading wire, add the sterling rocks on each end, and then leave a length of wire (this is why you are using the good, Extreme Gold Wire), and then crimp the ends, use a wire guardian if you like, and add a jumpring and a chain extender on one side for flexibility and a lobster clasp on the other.

    The rocks, being hollow, are a bit of a b—- to string. I suggest holding them up to a light so you can see right through the hole, and then poking the softflex through, seeing if you are lined up with the hole on the other side. Fortunately, with only 10 of them, it’s not too bad. ;-)You can use gold plated instead of gold filled just as easily if you have the components in your stash already.



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