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February 25th, 2015

Ever feel stranded ... ?

23402021 Findings - Clasps - 7 Strand Tube Clasp - Gold Plated (1)

Like - seriously stranded? Like you wanted to make something with so many strands, just strand after strand, dripping and shining and gleaming ... well - our 23402023 Findings - Clasps - 7 Strand Tube Clasp - Nickel Coloured (1)multistrand clasps are da bomb - which is a good thing. What is especially good about these new clasps in particular is that they are a friction fit, instead of magnetic, so they are not going to stick to your pliers, and they won't mess up your pacemaker! That is, if you have one.

We have lots of new multi-strand clasps this week, and to make it easier to find, we've added a page with all the multi-strand clasps gathered together.

So you can look for the Nickel-coloured clasps on the silver (colour) page (These nickel-colour clasps, weirdly enough, do not have nickel in them. Go figure.) Or look on the Copper page, or the Gold & Brass page, or the Gunmetal page. OR, all together on the multi-strand page! All in the name of making it easier to find what you want. Because, you want it all and you want it right now. At least, I do, so I assume you do too! ;-)

23401099 Findings - Clasps - Hook and Eye - Multi-Strand Wood - Natural (Set)In which case, you will probably be amused to find - we have multi-strand WOODEN clasps. We're not kidding about having it all. We have stuff you haven't even thought of yet!






23641005-00 Findings - Earring - Interchangeable -  Circle - Silver (Pair)

These are pretty cool too. Interchangeable earrings. Put beads on, and take them 23641006-00 Findings - Earring - Interchangeable -  Ladder - Silver (Pair)off. Open the frame at the hinge, slide the bead du jour on, and close it back up! In Circle, Ladder or Marquis shape. Not trying to influence y23641007-00 Findings - Earring - Interchangeable -  Marquis - Silver (Pair)ou or anything, but the Marquis is the best, IMHO. Looks awesome with one of the stone nugget beads.





26037017-00 Beads - 10 mm Flat Leather - 28 mm Stoplight - Bright Silver (1)Still in love with leather? It's so gratifyingly easy to use and makes such nice 26037019-02 Beads - 1/2 Inch Flat Leather -  Shallow Dome Disk - Gunmetal (1)pieces! New beads to fit the 10 mm flat leather - and the half-inch leather!







Still on sale this week - Swarovski Bicones! From petite 3 mm to full-bodied 10 mm - bicones are the like building blocks of inspirationation! 30% off - Just 2 weeks - on sale until Mar 4!

That's it for this week! Click on a link or an image to go directly to the items, or review all the new items here! Enjoy!











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