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  • The sale continues … March 15, 2018

    20% off everything* in the store. *Some select items excluded. Because they are already everyday low prices.

    Everyone’s favorite bead sale at every one’s favorite bead store! Making for Mother’s Day? Decorating for Easter? Planning a wedding? Making a thoughtful graduation gift? It’s never too early to start on those projects and plan ahead!

    Need some ideas? We have 100s of free projects online – free for you to make or just inspire you to make something that starts the same and ends up completely different! In addition – we have 100s more of our older inspirations – these have components that are no longer available but are still inspiring and you might just get a great idea from them! Many of these projects are on display in the store as well – but we give you lots of nice, close-up photos so that you can see how they are constructed, in addition to the instructions that go with them.

    And don’t forget to check out the New Arrivals and catch up on anything you might have missed!

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    *The fine print – it’s still the same – if you’ve already read it – it hasn’t changed. 😉

    OK – sale rules: The exceptions are:

    • No discounts on class fees
    • No discount on gift certificates.?
    • No discounts on Studio time/lampwork cards, lampwork tools, glass and lampwork supplies.
    • No discounts on special order merchandise, or special bulk orders.
    • Some items ARE excluded from this sale. Some metal clay items, some tools, and previously discounted items, and a few other items which are already at wholesale prices. You will be able to see online if an item is discounted. Remember – you always get the best possible discount – so if something has been discounted more than the sale discount – you will get the greater of the two discounts.

    Things tend to get a little crazy around here during a sale, so we have a few rules to make it go more smoothly.

    • The discount is NOT retroactive and does not apply to previously purchased merchandise. ?
    • No special orders or special bulk orders will be accepted at the sale prices.?
    • No Rain Cheques. No backorders. No holds.
    • Sale ends Midnight, Sunday, March 25 (Toronto time) (Well – in-store it ends at closing time – because we won’t make the staff stay until midnight.). If you haven’t checked out by then – the items in your shopping cart will revert to regular prices.?Poof!
    • If you are placing a phone or fax order, please ensure that you have the sku/product numbers ready, as well as the description. Same goes for email orders – as we’d prefer to not have our order picking staff have too many nervous breakdowns. It’s always painful to find them hiding in the kitchen, sobbing into their cheese snax.
    • We will be VERY busy during the sale. Having this information ready when processing your order, will help us get your order out the door in a reasonable time frame.
    • If the shopping cart is giving you grief – email us at info@beadfx.com. We have a super-tech-guru standing by to beat it into submission for you.

    We do anticipate that shipping will most likely be delayed by a day or two from our usual time frame.

    Oh, and here’s a superuser tip for you as a reward for reading this. We combine orders, so you can place multiple orders, and we’ll refund the extra shipping.

    Click on a link and go crazy!

    Oh, and don’t forget our Manager Specials too – up to 70% off. No further discount, but a cracking good deal!


    BeadFX is pleased to be the primary sponsor of Bead-Treat –

    the Bead Retreat. Treat yourself to a weekend of classes and camaraderie in May.

    More details at beadtreat.com



Our Class News

  • Bead-Treat: Your Questions Answered

    We’re getting quite a bit of interest in Bead-Treat with participants coming from as far away as Quebec! And, yes, people have questions about what to expect.

    Here are some of the questions already posed to us. Email your questions to pam@beadfx.com and I’ll answer you as quickly as possible.

    Q. What if I’m not an expert in any of the techniques that are being taught?
    A. Not a problem! At the beginning of each class, the instructor will take you through the basics of that particular technique. For example, Marilyn Gardiner will start the day by making a pair of Byzantine Earrings so everyone learns the basic Byzantine weave and is comfortable with opening and closing jump rings. Pamela Kearns will teach how to create triangles using larger beads before you start to work with smaller Delica beads. Likewise, Angela Peace will take you through the stitches you will be using prior to starting the fibre end caps.

    Q. What if I can’t finish the project in class?
    A. Finishing a particular project is dependent on a lot of factors including how familiar you are with the technique. Experienced students will certainly be able to complete more of the project than beginner may be able to do; however, that is why we have included a Saturday evening open session. You can work on any project you wish and get help from the instructors. All of the classes will have written instructions ensuring that you can finish the project at home.

    Q. How long are the classes?
    A. The classes will run 10:00am to 5:00pm with a break for lunch. Coffee, cold drinks and snacks will be available through the day.

    Q. I want to be in the same classes as my friend(s). Can we do that?
    A. Of course! Email me at pam@beadfx.com or include your friends’ names at the time you register on-line so I know who to keep together.

    Q. Do I need to take all three classes?
    A. The retreat is structured so that you rotate through all three classes and receive the class kits and instructions. The choice to attend a class is ultimately yours. There isn’t a financial benefit to not attending a class; you will still receive the kit and written instructions. However, you would miss the benefits of the instructor’s attention and interaction with your fellow students!

    Q. I’m not planning to go with a friend, but I would like to stay in the student residence. Can I be matched with another single students?
    A. Send me an email at pam@beadfx.com and, if I become aware of other single students, I’ll try and facilitate introductions. It will still be the students’ responsibility to book the accommodations.

    Q. What about meals?
    A. Meals are available in the facility. If you are staying in student residence, you will have a fridge and microwave. You can also bring a slow cooker to prepare meals – a great option for friends travelling together!

    Q. What else is there to do over the weekend?
    A. All Bead-Treat registrants will have full and free access to the Pin-It Canada consumer trade show taking place in the same building as the classes. The show will feature lots of vendors from various creative industries including paper craft, painting (fine art and folk), jewellery-making and fibre.

    Q. I’m not comfortable paying on-line with my credit card? Is there another way to pay?
    A. I understand your concern. If you have a preferred method of paying, such as e-transfer or phoning us directly with your credit card number, send me an e-mail at pam@beadfx.com. I’ll do my best to facilitate payment and registration for you.

    Q. I am an American citizen and want to attend Bead-Treat. What do I need to enter Canada?
    American citizens, including American-Canadian citizens, must carry proper identification and meet the basic requirements to enter Canada. For more information, please click here go to the the Government of Canada website about visiting Canada from the United States.

    Q. Do I need to bring anything with me?
    A. The instructors request that you bring the following: 4lb Fireline; small scissors; a beading surface; a task light; magnification if required. Beyond that, bring and wear comfortable clothing. You may also wish to bring a sweater – you never know about the air conditioning!

    Q. What about accessibility? I use a wheelchair – can you accommodate me?
    A. Absolutely yes! Fanshawe College is completely accessible. The classrooms will be on the second floor and an elevator is very close by. The student residence also has wheelchair-accessible bedrooms – make sure you you let them know of your needs when you book accommodations.

    Are you ready to register for Bead-Treat? Register here!

Our Latest Inspiration

  • Floating Rocks

    InspirationFX – Get your creative juices flowing


    by: Dwyn Tomlinson

    Rock it out with this floating rock creation! This project came together as an act of serendipity – happy coincidence. I had the sterling rocks on my table, thinking about a bracelet (which I also made, actually – sterling rocks with one lampwork bead, on stretchy elastic) and the Kaputt Pendant, with the bail, from the photo that I took for the website.

    And I thought that they looked really good together – and hey presto – next thing you know – I have this!You could make this without the curved tube too – the beads will stay on either side of the bail, so that’s alright. And you could, if you don’t like the floating look, fill in the space from the last rock bead to the clasp with small metal round beads or seedbeads.

    Or, you could try for black beading wire, and use crimps to hold the rock beads to the side and omit the tube bead, and wear it on a black cashmere sweater, and really go for the floating look! The contrast of floating and rock is fun!

    The pinch bail attaches to the Swarovski Kaputt pendant with a gentle squeeze to keep it in place.The bail fits easily over the gold curved tube – yes – I expect it will scratch a little with time. C’est la vie.

    String to the middle of your beading wire, add the sterling rocks on each end, and then leave a length of wire (this is why you are using the good, Extreme Gold Wire), and then crimp the ends, use a wire guardian if you like, and add a jumpring and a chain extender on one side for flexibility and a lobster clasp on the other.

    The rocks, being hollow, are a bit of a b—- to string. I suggest holding them up to a light so you can see right through the hole, and then poking the softflex through, seeing if you are lined up with the hole on the other side. Fortunately, with only 10 of them, it’s not too bad. ;-)You can use gold plated instead of gold filled just as easily if you have the components in your stash already.



    Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!

    Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.