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  • Bead the Raven September 21, 2017

    Once upon a midnight bleary, whilst I beaded to music eerie
    Poring over many a pattern and book from the beading store
    Whilst I beaded, nearly napping, accidentally sometimes stabbing
    The bead tray slips and I am grabbing, grabbing with my finger sore
    Argh I mutter, my finger sore,
    And now all my beads are on the floor
    Ack, my beads – I will lose them and there will be no more

    There will always be more beads – but sometimes, just not the beads you want. And sometimes, you accidentally buy the beads you already have – which is why this particular update may be the smallest we’ve ever done, because after I had processed the new items for this week – we found out that about half of them, we already had, by a different name. In other words, a Czech Glass Starbell Flower in Mango would bead as sweet as one in Apricot – because it’s the same flower bead! Likewise Violet Speckle and Mauve Gold Lustre. You can see where I am going with this.

    s35723 Glass Flowers - Starbell Flowers - Apricot (25)s35709 Glass Flowers - Starbell Flowers - Mauve Gold Lustre (25)

    s56436 Czech Glass Flowers - 13 mm Lotus Blossom - Roses and Ice (15)s56443 Czech Glass - Starbell Flowers - Purple Twilight (25)

    So we do have new flower beads – just not as many as I thought we did!

    We do, however, have a full-time, awesome selection of flower beads, and leaves too, for that matter.

    Looking for ideas? Check out these free projects!

    Pagoda Earrings


    The Bright Side of Winter

    Note – for this particular project, a lot of these specific flowers are actually gone now. They were on sale. 😉 But you can choose your own from other Manager’s Special Glass Flowers!



    Got Goth?

    20 – 33% off

    Get back to black! Sometimes the best accent is the one that disappears.

    Pair gunmetal grey or black metal findings with beads of bright colours and your dark clothing – the rich colours will seem to float on the dark background as the dark metal disappears. To help you try this out – savings of 20% or more off – from now until the spooky end of October!

    s56430 Firepolish - 8 mm Faceted Round - Duet Black/White (Strand 20)

    Swoon for Swarovski at 20% off

    20% off Swarovski Beads and Pendants! And what the heck – Swarovski glass Pearls too! And the Flatbacks and Hotfix too!



    As always – you can view all interesting new stuff on the website here.




Our Class News

  • Betty Stephan will give you a new way to look at beads!

    If you think ‘bead embroidery’, what do you envision? A decorative applique for clothes? An embellishment on a quilt or other needlework surface? How about a pendant or bracelet? Guess what – they are all right!

    Betty Stephan takes bead embroidery to the next level through her application of beads in conjunction with findings and other embellishments to create pendants, bracelets and components. In each of her three upcoming classes at BeadFX, she will show and inspire you to, not only try bead embroidery, but to experiment and take it outside of the proverbial ‘box’ to do even more.

    Betty’s classes are for all levels of experience – from complete novice to heavy-duty enthusiast. Each project will give you a little something different as a focus, but all are very do-able and very wearable! Best of all, each class has an early bird registration special and the class fee includes everything you need to complete the project!

    Here are Betty Stephan’s classes at BeadFX:

    Enchanted Bracelet and Components
    Friday, November 3; 10:00am – 5:00pm

    The round components in this bracelet are a marriage of bead embroidery and bead weaving, beginning with a bead embroidered base, then beads are woven in layers to give more dimension – the connectors are the second component. Kits/instructions will be provided for the bracelets – with additional beads available to create a necklace, cuff bracelet, pendant and/or earrings by combining these components in different ways.

    The class will cover how to make and join these components together to create the pictured bracelet – but we will also be discussing how to make different pieces from joining components and tips on layout and design. Techniques include bead embroidery stitches, layered beadweaving/bead embroidery, unique edging with O beads, and how to make a beaded toggle clasp. You will complete at least one of each component in class.

    Class fee: $260 + HST, includes your project materials – approximate $98 value. Colour choices will be available. Optional add-ons will be available from the instructor at an approximate cost between $15 to $22 CAD. Early Bird Offer! Register on or before October 10 for only $242 + HST. As of October 11, the registration fee will go to the regular price.

    Night Music Cuff Bracelet
    Saturday, November 4; 10:00am – 5:00pm

    This beautifully elegant and textured bead embroidered bracelet is created using velvet ribbon and gold braiding as a base – making it much less difficult to make than it appears! The rhinestone cup chain adds some sparkle and this cuff will be a favorite to wear out on-the-town or for everyday casual.

    Several different bead embroidery stitches will be taught, as well as bead weaving a strip and attaching it to the cuff for a 3 dimensional effect. The students will learn how to securely attach cup chain and how to use ribbon and braiding both as a stitching guide and as an embellishment. The cuff will not be completed in class but you will have all of the knowledge necessary to complete it at home.

    Class fee: $255 + HST, includes your project materials – approximate $91 value. Colour choices will be available. Early Bird Offer! Register on or before October 10 for only $235 + HST. As of October 11, the registration fee will go to the regular price.

    Dreamer Necklace
    Sunday, November 5; 10:00am – 5:00pm

    This necklace combines metal findings and glass beads to create a stunning statement piece that is a nice wearable size. The pendant hangs from a pretty flowered pattern chain made from MiniDuos and seed beads. MiniDuo flowers are layered onto both a large metal flower on the pendant and a metal leaf that hangs below which have both been hand-painted to coordinate with the color scheme.

    You will learn how to make a pretty neck chain by weaving MiniDuo beads and seed beads; how to weave two different flower components and attach them to metal findings; several bead embroidery stitches; and how to make a beaded toggle clasp. The project will not be completed in class; however, you will have all the information to complete the necklace at home.

    Class fee: $255 + HST, includes your project materials – approximate $91 value. Colour choices will be available. Early Bird Offer! Register on or before October 10 for only $235 + HST. As of October 11, the registration fee will go to the regular price.

    Click on the class title to see the complete details about the classes.

Our Latest Inspiration

  • InspirationFX: Baby Blue and Earrings

    Baby Blue and Earrings

    Designed by: Dwyn Tomlinson

    The soft pinks and blues of the Powder Blue Impression Jasper strike me as very soothing and pretty. I went to town and make a whole suite of items from this lovely stone. (Check out previous weeks for more Inspirations)

    My first thought was to combine gold-plated metal findings and beads with the Powder Blue Impression Jasper, but I found I did not care for the look. The bright copper metal beads and finding – that was another
    story, however! The combination is gorgeous! The pinky tones of the bright copper perfectly complement the soft translucent aqua and contrasting opaque pinky color of this Impression Jasper.

    Bracelet – Baby Blue

    By the time I got to this bracelet – I was using up left-over beads. Two remaining 12 mm and three 10 mm beads, alternating, with crimp bead spacers, strung on the beading cable (Econoflex or Softflex) with TWO
    jumprings built into the end loop. Then I took the stretchy elastic, knotted it around the two jumprings, added 5 jump rings as a spacer (and to hide the knot), and strung the rest of the 8 mm beads until I had enough length, added five more jump rings, and tied off on the 2 jump rings at the other end of the 12 and 10 mm bead section. Again, the five jump ring set does a superb job of concealing the knot.

    Earrings –

    Down to just 2 beads left. A do-it-yourself head pin, involving some wire and a crimp bead, an 8 mm round, and a set of five jumprings, and a wrapped loop. A jumpring into the wrapped loop, and then, I used the wire to make some simple earring wires. You don’t have to be that hard core though – you can just buy bright copper earwires!


    Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!

    Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.