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Jumprings and Split Rings and Soldered (Closed) Jumprings

How exciting is a jump ring — not very, unless you are making chain mail. However, when you gotta have 'em, ya gotta have 'em!

A jumpring is an open ring, cut in one place - twist it open by twisting to the sides - never pulling it open - as you will weaken the metal and never get it to line back up again. Soldered jumprings are - well - soldered closed. So they are essentially a wire ring - not openable at all.
  • Split rings giving you split nails? Making you crazy? Try our split ring pliers on our tools page:
  • Silver and Antiqued Silver beads are plated, over another metal such as copper or brass. They are coated to prevent tarnishing and need no polishing or maintenance.

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