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Beadalon WildFire beading thread features the strength and durability in a braided bead thread with a smooth, thermally bonded coating, to create a superior stringing product that cannot be pierced with a needle. Super strong, waterproof, and near zero-stretch, this cord will not fray at the ends which makes it easy to thread through a needle. For easiest needle threading, flatten the tip with a Chain Nose Pliers.

This knottable, supple cord is also great for multi-strand seed bead designs using a bead spinner, and can also be used with crimp beads. Cut using a dedicated, sharp scissors or trim and seal the ends with the WildFire Cord Cutter. 

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Create stunning bead weaving designs with Wildfire's super strong beading thread. WildfireThermally bonded bead weaving thread is perfect for creating jewellery, accessories and works of art, whether you are creating on a bead loom or going off loom.