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C-Lon thread is a superior nylon monocord beading thread known for its use in various jewelry-making applications including bead stringing, pearl knotting, bead weaving, loom weaving, micro macramé, bead crochet, loom warping, peyote stitch or netting--wow, that's a lot of thread potential! If your jewelry-making style involves any type of multi-pass threading or intricate bead stitches, then C-Lon thread is a must-have for your beading studio.

C-Lon® UV resistant nylon monocord is soft and flexible with a four pound tensile strength. Size AA thread is ideal for use with size 15/0 seed beads. Lightly coating this cord with beeswax before stringing helps protect against fraying and water damage. Each bobbin of thread contains approximately 75 yards (225 feet). Color may vary from dye lot to dye lot.

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Size AA - Thin beading thread for peyote, square stitch, brick stitch, beadweaving, loom weaving, and all bead work with small seed beads such as 15/0s or requiring multiple passes through a bead.