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Second Skin Fish Leather

This is leather - tanned from fishes. No - it does not smell funny, it smells exactly like leather! It is surprisingly soft and supple and nice to the touch. Second Skin(tm) is 100% Tilapia fish leather, and this eco-friendly leather is made from sustainable resources (farmed fish), and naturally dyed. Using fish skins is not a new process by any means - but the process of tanning and making it into a soft, touchable leather is relatively new. This is Brazilian Tilapia - and there are no scales (they have been removed, and the "scale pockets" - the pattern from the scales is quite prominent - with the pockets about the size of a small fingernail.


We got a call from a customer that Second Skin fish leather that she bought from us appears to have faded. We compared some of the in-store samples to current stock, and there does appear to be some fading going on.

So this is a heads up. This leather may fade.


Update: Read our fade test here.

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