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Jumprings for Chain maille

Artistic Wire™ Jumprings for Chain Maille

Not to say that you can't use any jumprings for making chain maille jewelry (or, body armour, for that matter) - but Beadalon has designed these with the chain mailler in mind, choosing popular sizes of rings and gauges. If you are looking for books on getting started in chain mailling, or advancing what you know, check out our books page!

UNFORTUNATELY - recently we have noticed a drop-off in the quality of these. If you have purchased these in the past, you may be unhappy with the current quality of them. We are talking to the supplier and the manufacturer, and are actively seeking new sources. We have not discontinued these yet, as you may find them useful for some things, but for now, we can't say that we can continue to whole-heartedly recommend them for chain maille.


These are made with Artistic Wire - which is a copper wire with a nylon coating - except for the brass wire, which is actually brass. The coating prevents tarnishing on the copper and brass and silver plated wires, and provides the colouring for the black wires. It is durable and will not fade or change colour with time.

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