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Seed Beads

Seedbeads for Jewelry, Bead Embroidery and all your seed bead needs!

We stock the highest quality seedbeads from the top manufacturers. Miyuki seed beads, Miyuki Delica beads, Toho seed beads, and of course Preciosa seed beads. Whether you are looking for several of the almost 1,000 colors of the Miyuki Delica beads for loomwork, or using those very consistent Delica cylinder beads for jewelry designs, you'll find the widest selection here for size, colour and finish. For rounded beads instead, we carry Miyuki Seed beads and Toho Seed beads from Japan, as well as most sizes of Czech seed beads to satisfy most styles and budgets.

Beads for Stringing Projects

For most designs, the size of glass seed beads for stringing are usually the smaller round beads, giving your strung bracelets and necklaces a smoother flow. Several designers mix cut crystals, Delicas and round seedbeads producing amazing jewelry designs.

Seed Beads for Knitting and Crochet

For stunning knitted designs, the best seed beads for knitting and crochet will often need the larger sizes so they don't disappear, and extremely important is the size of the hole to be large enough to smoothly fit your wool thickness.  For most wools, a size 6 (6/0) or size 8 (8/0) seed bead will fit nicely, and you'll find that the Toho and Miyuki seed beads in size 10 (10/0) will work well.  The Czech 6/0 beads are often used for knitted projects too but the holes do vary more than the Japanese seedbeads for sale.

Japanese seed beads are the finest quality with Miyuki seed bead products and Miyuki Delica beads followed by Toho seed beads which are more common with larger holes, and a large Czech bead line that is excellent quality with great prices!

Glass seed beads are typically small glass beads — small like seeds and as numerous as grains of sand! We stock both Japanese seed beads from Miyuki and Toho, and Czech seed beads from Preciosa and Jablonex, in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and finishes. BeadFX's selection of seed beads for sale is extensive with most sizes and colors in stock.

Smaller 11/0 -> 10/0 -> 8/0 -> 6/0 Larger

Seedbead sizes are indicated by a numbering system. The larger the number, the smaller the bead. Size 6/0 are about 2.5 mm by 4 mm. Size 8/0s are a little smaller than 6/0s. Size 11/0s are small - size 10/0s are a little larger. To the novice beader - they will seem very similar - but with experience you can tell them apart. Sizes 12/0 and 13/0 are smaller still, although the hole is still about the same size at the 11/0s. Size 22/0s - well - they are just mind-bogglingly small! Size 33/0 is the exception - those are big!

The shapes other than the classic "donut" shape and small tubes are referred to in millimeters.  BeadFX has a large variety to meet all your seed bead needs!