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Lyrca Ribbon

Stretchy, non-fraying Lycra ribbon. Make cool stretchy bracelets. Thread on large hole beads - this ribbon will curl itself into a tube and stay that way.

Wrap the end with masking tape to make it easy to poke through the beads, then trim the end away. 30 cm is about 12 inches.

Cut a piece, stretch it out, and it curls into a thicker piece about 5mm wide. The ribbon retains its stretchiness after it has been curled, so you can simply knot the ends for a slip-on bracelet.

The ribbon gains about 30% in length after stretching, and the curled length can be stretched up to twice its length. For example, if you cut a 10" piece, the resting length will be 13" after stretching, and can further stretch up to 26".

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