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Czech Handmade

Traditional Handmade Artisan Lampwork

These are handmade in Czech, in the ancient Venetian lampworking tradition. The tradition of this cottage industry is very old - entire families working around a common table, making beads for sale to support themselves. With the fall of Communism and the rise of free enterprise - these traditions have been revived and once again, people are supporting themselves making handmade beads.

Inside some of these, you will see that the holes still contain the "bead release" - the clay-like substance that prevents them from sticking to the steel rods when they are made. You can clean this out with a bead reamer (work in a dish of water) - just twist and scrub the bead release out, rinse, wash, and dry. It's quite easy. Otherwise, if you leave it, it just wears away and spends the first two weeks while you wear the beads leaving a light dusting on things, then it is gone. So that works too.

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