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Diamond Findings - S Hook Link / Clasp - Coloured Diamonds / Gunmetal

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Use as a link, connector, or as a hook for a clasp. Or as a bail for a pendant. The infinity loop or S hook is a versatile classic.

Goth grows up, and grunge goes glamourous. These are handmade (in India) - limited quantity pendants set with genuine diamonds - mostly cognac and chocolate diamonds. You will note that the diamonds are "mine-cut" - informally cut and do not necessarily dazzle, and those of you are students of cut stones will know that the warm brown and yellow hues are not the most desirable of diamonds. However - when is the last time you bought yourself a diamond pendant? These have a quiet sophistication that is very elegant - and whether you make something simple or elaborate - a gift, or for yourself - these are timeless.

23mm By the each.