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Needle - Curved Needle - for Spin That Bead (3)

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3 J-shaped needles. This is the large, hooked needle for the spinning bead tool. Use this to load even more beads faster onto thread. Hold the needle, hook down, and horizontal, in the beads and spin the bowl with the other hand, spinning so the beads flow towards the point. They will snag on the needle and start to push up the needle. Note, it is a biggish needle, with an eye you can even see, but the downside is that some of the beads will not fit. If the beads stop climbing up the needle, check to see if a small one has jammed. Sometimes, the bead jams at the eye. Instead of unthreading beads to take that one off - use a pair of pliers to carefully crush that one bead. Stick the end of the needle into an eraser when you aren't using it! Beats hooking yourself like a big fish.

180mm By the pack of 3.