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Design Tools - Tacky Bead Mat -

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Tacky as in slightly sticky, not "in poor taste." Although it might not taste good, I will test the products for you, but I draw the line at licking them. Unless we start selling ice-cream - which I think shipping it might be the issue. Aaaaanyway - this tacky, rubbery, wibbly-wobbly mat is to stop your beads from scampering away from you. It is a transparent blue, and quite floppy, and sticky enough to hold your beads (I'm holding it vertical in the photo), so that they won't roll away. You can also use it to help decide about colours and patterns. There is no residue to stick to your beads, and you can rinse it and recharge it should it lose it's stickiness. About 4.25 inches on a side.

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