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Tools - Spin that Bead -

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A wooden bowl that spins on a base. Pour your beads into the bowl, and spin it slowly with your non-dominant hand, holding a threaded needle in the beads with your dominant hand. Use either a fairly stiff needle and point into the direction of spin, or a hooked needle (included) and spin towards the point of the needle. A hooked needle is included.
Spin towards the needle, and the beads will slide onto the needle, pushing themselves up towards your fingers. As they get to your fingers, stop and slide the beads past and down the thread. Any long, rigid needle works, but the is a J-shaped needle is more effective. It does require there to be a quite a few beads in the bowl, but this new model has a little smaller bowl, so it doesn't require quite as many beads to make it work as the older style. It is great for full hanks or mixes for multi-strand necklaces. 3 inches tall by 4 inches across. Nice weighty bowl spins easily.

110mm By the each.