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Metal Clay - FYI Clay - .999 Fine Silver (50 grams)

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FYI - For Your Inspiration - is a newish metal clay (intro'd in Aug 2014) that our instructors are raving about! For one thing - the price point - oooo la la - Sweeeet.

Like other metal clays, it is made from microscopic particles of pure silver, along with an organic, non-toxic binder.

The working properties are similar to PMC and ACS, and the end result is the same - 0.999 pure (fine) silver. FYI Silver is nice and malleable straight out of the package. It takes an impression beautifully, sculpts and moulds very well, and can be used with the Silhouette and die-cutting machines! You can roll beautiful snakes and tiny balls without cracking. It is a true pleasure to work with.

Beginners and pros alike love that it is very forgiving, and has a long open working-time.

Shrinkage is 20%. Use this to your advantage to make pieces that have a very detailed and intricate look.

Firing Directions:

Make sure your piece is perfectly dry.

Place in cold kiln on a kiln-shelf, or a piece of fibreboard, if flat. If shaped, you might want to pile up some vermiculite to help support it.

Fire to 1545F up to 1650F max, for a duration of 30 minutes to 2 hours.

If your piece has no inclusions, such as stones, etc, you may quench it in some water as soon as the cycle is complete.

If it does have inclusions, better to wait for the kiln to cool-off naturally, and don't open it until it gets below 400F.

Proceed to burnishing, polishing, tumbling. Your piece is now pure silver, and may be dapped, drilled, enameled, or anything else you would do with conventional silver as a metalsmith.

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