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Huichol Supplies - Beadswax - Natural (Pack)

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Beadswax - a special wax for creating Huichol bead art. (Pronounced wee-CHUL)

This is a special mixture for making inlay beadwork art - it is softer than pure beeswax, but will not reject the beads over time.

To use, shave off pieces of wax and knead with your fingers until warm and supple, then press onto the surface to be decorated. Press the beads into the wax surface and leave to harden.

Traditionally - this art form was done on the surface of gourds with seedbeads, using traditional patterns, and was considered to be a form of prayer in the making of it. We have found that many other beads work very effectively too - including the shaped beads as well. The process is very meditative and relaxing.

You get a block of approximately 1.7 oz.

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