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Labeling - 3 inch Plastic String Security Tag Loop - (500)

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New manufacturer - these are slightly more translucent than the last ones! The flat out best way to put a label on a bead! Great for jewelry too! Plastic tag hanger loop - these are great for labeling your jewelry or beads for sale. Virtually unbreakable, browsers won't be able to accidentally, or otherwise, remove price tags. They are reasonably unobtrusive on jewelry, and do not tangle the way paper hangtags on string tangles, (Ugh!) or get dirty. Somewhat similar to a cable tie, but without the cinching up effect, just slide through the bead hole, lock the ends together, wrap a label around, and you are good to go! Don't need 500, you think? You'll be surprised! If one is not long enough for your bead, put two together. Fits beads made on a 1/32 or larger mandrel - the ends won't got through the 1/16 mandrel holes. End is 2 mm wide, cable is .55 mm.

80mm (500)