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MetalFX - Metallic/Mica Powder - French Lilac (1 gram)

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Soft blue purple. Not super sparkley - but lots of richness to the colour - you can see reflections in blue, red, pink. q2 Pour or shake onto epoxy clay after shaping, but while still fresh and adhesive. The powder adheres to the clay for a metallic look. (Not enamel - so no respirator needed.) Jar contains a generous gram - which is about a teaspoon full. Jar has a little insert with holes for shaking out the powder. The holes are covered with a plastic sticker to prevent leaks (it's clear and practically invisible) - you have to remove the sticker for the powder to flow! You can also pull out the insert if you want to just dump the powder out - but do this very carefully - as the powder has a tendency to jump out and get on everything. Don't do this over your keyboard! Non-toxic.

By the pack of 1 gram.