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Tools - JoolTool - Add-On - Polymer Clay Upgrade Polishing and Shaping Kit

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  • Brand: JoolTool


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IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A JOOTOOL machine, this is the kit you need for polishing and shaping polymer clay to a mirror finish. The Extra-Soft Cushion pads provide unmatched contouring ability so you will always achieve smooth, perfectly polished curves. (Note: apply the Extra-Soft Cushion pads just like the Cushion pads of harder density : directly onto the Backpad. Then apply the abrasive on top of the Extra-Soft Cushion pads.) Kit Includes: 4 Backpads, 4 Extra-Soft Cushion Pads, Coarse 3M Microfinishing Film abrasive, Medium 3M Microfinishing Film abrasive, Fine 3M Microfinishing Film abrasive, Very Fine 3M Microfinishing Film abrasive, 1 Buffing Wheel of 3 inch diameter, 1 Small Bar of Jooltool Compound