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Ceramic Pendant - Celtic Triskele - Matte Raku

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A celtic inspired design - the three legged Triskele is loaded with symbolism: motion, cycles, energies, progress, competition; spirit-mind-body; life-death-rebirth; past-present-future, to list just a few. Hole is largish - takes 1.5 mm leather or cord easily. Colour varies - from a rusty orange to turquoise, blue and purple. Raku is a technique of firing that involves a low-oxygen environment. Essentially, the items are taken out of the kiln hot and buried in a bucket of sawdust. As you might imagine, it's a pretty exciting and messy way to work! The matte finish is a little rough - very earthy looking!

The hole has moved since the last batch - it is now higher instead of across the center like a bead.

30mm Hole is side to side, offcentre. By the each.