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Tools - Adhesive - 25ml Devcon Epoxy - 2-Ton

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The go-to glue for really having things stick. This is a two-part epoxy, with about a 30-minute working time. Dries clear. Strength is up to 2,500 lbs per square inch. Waterproof. Two-part epoxy is favored by most glue experts for durability and effectiveness, and with good reason. Mixing can be a hassle, but the dual feed syringe style of this takes care of the measuring for you. Mix thoroughly (for at least two minutes). Read instruction on package for more tips on use. Sets up in 2 hours, full strength in 8. Which means you have 30 mins to use it after mixing before it is too stiff to use, it will need clamping, bracing, propping up or not messing with for 2 hours, and is not at full strength for 8 hours. I tried this and found it significantly thinner than other epoxies I have tried, like the 5 minute epoxy. I worried that it wasn't going to fill in the gaps or stay put, but it did an excellent job. It also cured to a hard and glassy finish - so that where I had slopped a bit past the edge of the bail I was gluing - it looked fine. I'm really impressed. The dual syringe delivery is really nice too. Wow. 25 ml (.84 fl oz)