Beading Without A Net
Intuitive Bead Embroidery

Instructor: Anne Marie Desaulniers

Course outline: Have you ever wanted to journal about something, but just couldn’t find the words?  Do you collect special bits and pieces for one of those ‘some day’ projects?  Is your stash of precious items taking over your house?  This class is an intuitive, visual journaling approach to bead embroidery. 

There are no rules!  No one will make you journal or force you to bead encrust a piece.  You can stitch as many or as few beads as you’d like.  If you choose, you can journal about your family, your health, your cat, the weather, your mood, life circumstances, or just the simple joy of beading. Don’t worry if you don’t have a theme, because it doesn’t really need to be about anything in particular.  There are no patterns to follow, and you don’t need to draw.  Your beads and imagination will tell you what to do!

The finished piece will be suitable for framing, but can also be made into a pin, used as the focal in a piece of jewellery, the cover of a mini book, or just tucked away to be fondled in the future. Come join me in a relaxing couple of days, learning a new way to get better acquainted with your beads.  Finishing and other foundation options will be discussed, but the possibilities are endless!

Skill level: All levels

Prerequisite: None

Technique: A visual journaling approach to bead embroidery with needle, thread and beads.  I encourage the use of vintage items, recycled jewellery, buttons, rust, sticks, found objects and other treasures.  Everything has possibilities!  Nothing is safe from your needle! 

Need to bring: Regular sewing kit (sharp scissors, needle, thread), needle threader and magnification (if needed), beads and collected or found objects. Including, but not limited to buttons, small rusty items, old jewellery bits, cabochons, twigs, fabric and lace scraps, abandoned projects, those orphan earrings you’ve been saving and anything else you can think of, except the kitchen sink.  Bring fabric and thread if you prefer to work on a coloured background (cotton batik is nice).   Painting your background is also an option, but will take time to dry.  Any rusted items, should be coated with a spray or brush on fixative prior to the day of the class.

Note: You may wish to bring a lunch, especially on Day 2. Coffee and cold drinks will be provided.

Price: 70.00 +HST
Kit Fee: 10.00 Includes: needle, foundation, thread and a selection of adhesives to use during the class, pattern sheet + written instructions.
Duration: approximately 6 hours on each of 2 days!

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About Anne Marie Desaulniers

Anne Marie Desaulniers is a  mixed media artist with a passion for recycling, thirst for techniques and love of beads, paper and fibre.  Currently exploring Plan B, while offering classes in a variety of media.


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