Intro to Lampworking Weekend with Amy

Instructor: Amy Waldman

This two-day weekend class is designed for beginners.  This class will introduce you to the wonderful world of making lampworked or flameworked beads.  Practice is an essential ingredient in working with glass. The class is eight hours of instruction and torch-time allowing significantly more practice time than the 5 hour class.

Topics covered include:

  1. Overview of the equipment and tools, safety information and studio protocols. Setting up a home studio is also discussed.
  2. Types of glass
  3. Making Glass Beads

Students usually make about 8-20 beads, depending on their aptitude. The beads you make in class will be kiln-annealed and will be available for pick-up the following day. If you are from out of town, we are happy to mail them to you at no extra charge.   

Skill Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: N/A

Techniques:  How to make a basic round bead, tube beads, marvering, frit application, dot beads, bumpy beads, stringers, shaped beads, silver applications in glass beadmaking, layering, twisting, raking and other techniques as time permits, and depending on aptitude.

Please note: these are full day classes; please bring a lunch. Coffee, tea and pop will be provided.

A few rules:
- Please wear cotton fabric clothing, long, tight-fitting sleeves, old jeans, and if you have long hair, please tie it back.
- Closed toed shoes are a studio requirement.
- If coffee makes your hands shake, you may want to refrain before the class.
- Students must be at least 18, in order to take this class.

Students receive a Free Glass Studio Card good for two hours of torch time that can be used at a later date (not valid for Happy Hour Torching).

Class cancellation policy: If you need to cancel, please let us know 5 days prior to the class. Cancellations made later than that will forfeit the class deposit or fee. We may re-schedule or cancel classes if we do not receive the minimum number of bookings, or in case of bad weather or instructor illness. In this case, you will be notified and the fees will be refunded or issued as store credit.

Price: 300.00 +HST
Duration: approximately 4 hours on each of 2 days!

To register for this session, please call 416-751-1911 or toll-free 1-877-473-2323 now, because many of our sessions fill up quickly! We limit class sizes so you can get the best value.
Only 8 seats total for this class!
About Amy Waldman

Form and symmetry are hallmarks of Amy's beads. She pays close attention to the technical details and strives towards uniform, functional beads. Amy has been making glass beads since 2001 and began working from her home studio in Richmond Hill in 2003. Prior to that, she haunted the beadFX studio in every spare moment. Amy has been teaching people how to make lampwork beads at beadFX since 2004.  Amy is an attentive and giving teacher who strives to be the kind of teacher she would enjoy taking classes from. 

Amy’s current work forms part of a series of work entitled “Ottoman Beads”.  This work is about footprints.  “The footprints we leave behind in each and everything we do and say.  The footprints of glass that can be manipulated, stretched or pushed – each influences the elements surrounding it.  One footprint pushes the next, but never supplants it - a metaphor for living.”

Amy’s beads have been seen in numerous exhibits, magazines and venues across North America, including:  Artist Spotlight – The Glass Bead, Summer 2012 issues, Small but Beautiful, Top 40 International beads/beadmakers, Glass Line Magazine June/July 2012, ISGB Convergence II, ISGB Convergence III, ISGB Surface and Corning Museum of Glass (Studio Case).