Basic Ndebelle Hubble Bracelet:
Circles in the Sky

Instructor: Genevieve Habib

Course outline: Get acquainted with basic Hubble and Ndebele (the art of embellishment with various beads stones crystals) at the same time and in the same piece. Watch your repertoire grow.

You’ll never get bored with this stitch because you can make it go straight or round. The results are stunning and the variations are brilliant. Beginner to Advanced will love this stitch. This stitch adapts to your skill level and yet it’s as easy as making a circles in the sky. You choose your colours and width and I’ll show you how to combine super-duos, crystals and seed beads to embellish a lovely bracelet that looks open and airy and feels so fluid and lacy. Everyone will want one.

The class will include:

  • Learn the basic Hubble stitch: Starting row, Second Row and Ending rows
  • Learn to embellish with tiny seed beads (Ndebele)
  • Learn how to widen and narrow a bracelet
  • Learn how to change the length of each set
  • Learn how to use 2 hole super-duo beads as embellishments
  • Learn how to make a framework for adding larger beads, crystals and stones
  • Learn how to add a clasp and finish your bracelet
  • Learn how to work with many coloured beads and stones in one piece
  • Learn thread management
  • Learn about sizing a bracelet

Skill level: All levels, Beginner through to Advanced. Not advisable for those who have never worked with seedbeads. If you can sew on a button, you can do this stitch. This stitch is not complicated but the design potential is out of this world. You can jump in at any level and find new things to do with this stitch from simple to very challenging. This class is an introduction to the basic stitch. The stitch adapts to your level.

Prerequisite: Familiarity with in-hand seedbeading

Technique: Hubble stitch, Nedebelle stitch

Bring to class: Please bring the following materials to class; all items can be purchased at BeadFX using your 15% Student Discount.

  • 10g each colour up to 5 colours size 8 seed beads
  • 10g 2 hole super-duos, or Half-Tilas or Rullas for embellishments
  • 5g one colour contrast size 10 or 11 seed beads
  • 12 to 24, 2mm to 4 mm bicones, firepolish, crystals or stones for centre Or 10g size 6 or 2 seed beads for contrast embellishment and clasp ends
  • *If you are using stones or crystals etc. in the piece, then you only need: 5g size 6 or 2 for clasp ends in colour choice
  • *Depending on the width chosen: One 3 to 7-ring slide bar clasp or clasp of choice
  • Needle and thread of choice. 6lb Fireline is very good
  • Beading tools

If you are a new beader choose a smaller width and fewer colours in order to complete your bracelet in class.

If you are an experienced beader and are interested in learning more variations go for a wider band and completion outside of class.

Class cancellation policy: If you need to cancel, please let us know 5 days prior to the class. Cancellations made later than that will forfeit the class deposit or fee. We may re-schedule or cancel classes if we do not receive the minimum number of bookings, or in case of bad weather or instructor illness. In this case, you will be notified and the fees will be refunded or issued as store credit.

Price: 40.00 +HST
Duration: approximately 3 hours

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Only 10 seats total for this class!
About Genevieve Habib

Genevieve Habib is a retired high school Drama and English teacher. Before that she taught English, drama and costume construction and design at a local college. Growing up in the sixties she apprenticed with a European seamstress to learn about tailoring and cut and she took pattern drafting courses at college. By 1970’s she had several looms and was dying, spinning and weaving creating large wall hangings and rugs and fabrics. She was part of an artisans’ village and was running a pet shop and small green house. She volunteers making costumes for local theatres and soup for local shelters.

 Genevieve’s creativity has expressed itself in many ways over the years and her retirement did not stop her from seeking another venue for her energies. A bag of black jet beads that she purchased at a flea market turned out to be an elaborate beaded lace bodice from the 1800’s that inspired her to take up beading in order to repair. She signed up for a local class and fell in love with beading.

Now she spends hundreds of hours designing and beading beautiful body art jewellery unlike any other. Each piece was inspired by something in nature that provoked a question that needed expression in thousands of tiny beads in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, textures. Her pieces often contain healing crystals and gemstones and they seem to come to life on the wearer. The beads warm from body heat and they comfortably shape to the wearer like fabric.

Genevieve understands that fit is everything in jewellery and fashion which is why she will create custom pieces made to fit individual sizes from a line of jewellery prototypes adapted to suit your specific needs. Your gemstones, healing crystals or favorite stone can also be incorporated into the piece making the necklace truly one of a kind.

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