Armarria Series Bracelet

Hosted by: Jean Power

Course outline: This sparkling series combines a bracelet and necklace centrepiece that unite peyote stitch components with Swarovski Chatons and bicones for dramatic and versatile pieces. Ideal for anyone who knows basic peyote stitch, the bracelet can be adapted in height (the one shown above is a double layer) to suit your own tastes and preferences. Using beading elastic as its base the finished piece requires no clasp and makes it ideal for different sizes and wearers.

Bonus: Take this class and receive a $40 Gift Certificate that can be used toward the purchase of your class supplies. Any remaining balance will be yours to use toward future purchases or classes. The $40 Gift Certificate is in lieu of the standard 15% Student Discount.

Skill level: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Must be comfortable with peyote stitch and small beads

Technique: Tubular peyote, seed beading

Bring to class: The following supplies can be purchased at BeadFX using your $40 Gift Certificate

To make a double height bracelet (as shown) that fits a 19cm/ 7 ½ inch wrist:

  • Beading thread and needle of choice
  • Approx. 10g size 15 seed beads
  • Approx. 15g size 15 Delica beads
  • 38 x 6mm bicones
  • 38 x SS39 Swarovski Chatons (approximately 8mm)
  • Enough 1mm beading elastic to go around your wrist 4 times

To add or remove rounds e.g. for a single or triple height bracelet then add or remove the following amounts:

  • Enough 1mm beading elastic to go around your wrist once
  • Approx. 5g size 15 seed beads
  • Approx. 8g size 15 Delica beads
  • 19 x 6mm bicones
  • 19 x SS39 Swarovski Chatons (approximately 8mm)

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Price: 185.00 +HST
Duration: approximately 7 hours
About Jean Power

Jean Power is an award-winning jewellery designer, writer and teacher based in London, England. She first began making jewellery in 2001, having already spent many years painting as well as exploring different aspects of fibre and textile arts. While she continues some of these interests, beading, wirework and chain maille are her main love andshe tries to use them in conjunction with her other interests.