Wire Wrapping: Heady Style Pendant

Instructor: Jen Rosen

Course outline: In this class, you will learn how to make a Heady Style pendant using a bunch of different weaves, coils and wire types.  Every pendant will turn out different. 

Skill level: Advanced

Prerequisite: Although you will be shown the different weaves and how to put everything together. It will be helpful to have worked with wire before and to have experience weaving with wire. Patience is a must!

Technique: Wire wrapping, coiling and securing cabochons

Bring to class: flush cutters, chain nose, nylon pliers, round nose pliers, coiling gizmo, chasing hammer, steel block, paper, pencil (optional-if you have a clamp to keep wires still while you weave, bring it). As this is a full-day class, please bring your lunch; coffee and cold drinks will be available.

Class cancellation policy: If you need to cancel, please let us know 5 days prior to the class. Cancellations made later than that will forfeit the class deposit or fee. We may re-schedule or cancel classes if we do not receive the minimum number of bookings, or in case of bad weather or instructor illness. In this case, you will be notified and the fees will be refunded or issued as store credit.

Price: 60.00 +HST
Kit Fee: 50.00 Includes: A few cabs/ beads (feel free to bring some from home if you like), LOTS of wire in different gauges and colours (Bring extra from home if you want. I will give you a lot but you might want to have more in different colours, sizes or shapes). The kit will have copper 16g, 18g,24g, 20, 26g some round and some square.
Duration: approximately 6 hours

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Only 10 seats total for this class!
About Jen Rosen

Jennifer Rosen discovered her love of making jewellery March 2007.  She did a basic stringing and an earring class, then a basic introduction to wire jewellery.  She enjoyed making jewellery from what she learned but she still wanted to learn more.  She learned some things on her own and through Youtube as well as the other jewellers she met for advice but wasn’t always sure what to ask or look for.

In 2012 she found a school called Sheffield (Now called New York Institute for Art and Design) and signed up for their Jewellery Design Course. 

She finished the course in March 2013 and she not only got her certificate from the college, but she also had the first line of JenStones!

Since then, she has joined the Toronto Bead Society,  sold at craft shows and online at www.JenStones.ca, and taught at home and at the TBS bead fair.

Website: www.jenstones.ca

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