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I've long been fascinated with quilts and kalidescopes, for the same reason — the repetition of a simple image that makes a much more complex image. There is something very comforting for me about these images, knowing that they are rich and full of stories, but are based on a simple element — much like our vast and varied universe, built of single atoms.


As webmistress for this site, I've been itching to play with some of the wonderful images that I create every week. These are my "bead quilts" — or kalidescopes based on beads if you will. These are based on the product images found in this site. These are also available for download to your computer as wallpaper! On each images' page, you can click on the larger image to open the image by itself in your browser (resized to better fit your computer screen, as these are all squares!) and then right-click with your mouse button and choose "Set as wallpaper" from the menu that pops up. Enjoy!

    — Dwyn Tomlinson

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