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Customer Showcase - Decmeber/January Featured Artist - Tricia Huffman - Leo Buche Tileworks


About the Artist


I have had a passion for design for as long as I can recall. Even as a child, I was intrigued by any found object that had visual or textural interest. My living quarters were one giant, evolving piece of artwork. Stone, wood, shells, pottery shards - all of them eventually became incorporated into some design.

I believe that art is a window into a person - things that can not be communicated in words. My love of beads, combined with an architectural and design background, have lead me here, where I can incorporate handmade tile, found objects, and beads into pleasing objects.
My dear father-in-law, Dale Huffman, a retired master potter and glassworker (from historical Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI.), deserves much credit here, for the countless hours he spent teaching me about the world of clay and glaze. He is my partner and friend and I am deeply grateful to him.

The use of quality, natural materials are paramount to me. I dislike anything plastic, preferring instead, an esthetic found with the Arts and Crafts era. My return customers have come to expect this standard in my work.

I live in the perfect setting for creative inspiration - on a lovely old farmstead established in 1820 that was once part of The Great Sauk Indian Trail, in S.E. Michigan, with my husband, two cats, a Newfoundland dog, and a Gordon Setter who thinks she owns the place. Above the door of my studio, (a pig barn in it's former life) hangs a sign in an ancient Algonquin language that reads: The hand forms, an eye beholds, but a mind sees.' That sums it up for me, as well as honoring the namesake of my company; my great grandmother, Eva -Silver Cloud-Boucha, a native American from Naubinway, MI. Many of my new items in 2006 will be made with her in mind.

Q - Tricia, what type of work do you do?

A - Ceramic tile and bead pendants and jewelry, wire and chain maille, bead weaving, some lampwork.

Q - How/Who got you started?

A - I began playing with beads as a child, and my passion for designing with them led me to courses in architecture and graphic design, enabling me to think "outside the box".  My father in law, Dale, introduced me to clay, and that seemed the perfect partner to my design pallette.


Q - Where do you work?

I have a studio - pics below!


Q - How do you keep your workspace organized? Any tips?

A - Ha Ha! ....Organized? Occasionally,  I  will spend the day putting EVERYTHING away, glazes, wire,beads, tools, etc; just to clear my head and begin again. Most of the time however, I have my entire work area covered with all my items, so that, as I look at them and play with them, they tell me what they want to be next.

I should add, that because I live with cats, AND bead-eating dogs, I chose a separate,enclosed space that I can leave and shut the doors. This helps not having to put everything away each time.   I also have my business area on one side,tools in the center, and beads,wire and findings all on shelves  and a long ,long table on the other.  Oh, and remember, if you have light or colour  sensitive beads, do not leave them sitting near a window. Cover them.

Q - Do you sell your work? If so, through what venues?

A - I do sell my work; through my new website, farmer's market ,and shows.  My upcoming shows are also listed on my website.

Q - Have you taken any classes?

A - Yes, I have taken some classes, Lampwork, Wire and Chainmaille . I have been learning ceramics from my father in law for about 5 years.     Most of my work however, is self taught.

Q - Which classes/instructors were your favourites?

A - My favourite, of course is Dale, my father-in-law; but my next favourite would be my chain maiile instructor, Mary Kernahan , who taught at World of Rocks in Ypsilanti,Michigan. She is both talented, and a blast to be around.! You guys would really like her!

Q - What are your favourite types of beads to work with?

A - My clay beads,Dichroic glass and crystals. Bali too.

Q - Whose work most inspires you?

A - Kerry Bogert of Kabs Creative Concepts , and Trey Cornette; they are very talented glass workers.

(Trey sells on Ebay)  Oh, I cannot forget Sheri Serafini, and her out of this world broadcollar woven pieces! I could look at them for hours!

Q - What product can you not live without?

A - Swarovski crystal!!!!!!!Oh Yes,!......though these beauties are sometimes too delicate for my big clay bumbas, I absolutely MUST include them in my work, and cannot imagine a world without the glint and glitter of these flashy temptresses!      'Oh to swoon,to swoon.......'

Q - Do you have any tips or techniques that you would like to share?

A - Always use the best materials you can afford, pick one thing, and be excellent at it.

Technique: When bead weaving with seeds, I leave a very long tail and weave it way way back into the item. It adds strength, and you will have confidence that it will not come apart.

Q - Is your art your full time job?

A - Yes, of course, I would not have time for much else. :)

Thank you Tricia! Tricia can be contacted through her website at http://www.leobuchetileworks.com

If you would like to be featured here, please send an email to info@beadfx.com


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