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Dwyn Tomlinson Jan 2005

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IMG_2117.jpg (94,901 bytes)

Spring Splash

IMG_2118.jpg (99,592 bytes)

Copper Wave

IMG_2119.jpg (121,133 bytes)

Tanzanite w Moondust

IMG_2120.jpg (122,817 bytes)

Moonberry Stardust

IMG_2121.jpg (121,125 bytes)

Aqua wave w Dichro

IMG_2122.jpg (89,235 bytes)

Gaia Gem

IMG_2123.jpg (138,536 bytes)

Heart of the Ocean

IMG_2124.jpg (162,095 bytes)

Aqua Dichro Table

IMG_2125.jpg (127,593 bytes)

Royal Purple Dichro

IMG_2126.jpg (97,140 bytes)

Turquoise Avalanche

IMG_2127.jpg (92,611 bytes)

Fertility Goddess

IMG_2128.jpg (116,449 bytes)

Crimson Curl

IMG_2129.jpg (103,884 bytes)

Tanzanite with Candy Stripe

IMG_2130.jpg (91,725 bytes)


IMG_2131.jpg (74,800 bytes)

Lava Flow

IMG_2132.jpg (121,786 bytes)

Silver Blue w Wing

IMG_2133.jpg (111,752 bytes)

Pitcher Plant

IMG_2134.jpg (80,150 bytes)

Rosewater Splash

IMG_2135.jpg (70,104 bytes)

Fertility Goddess a la Krispy Kreme

IMG_2136.jpg (119,480 bytes)

Dainty Rose Wave (Exquisite!)

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