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Our Customers speak up!

Our customers tell us what they think!

Where have you been all my beading life??  I googled 'Lacy's Stiff Stuff' and found your site.  I am amazed!  You have SO many things I have been looking for and couldn't find, such as, shortener clasps, rubber findings, pin converters, domes and screens, the list is endless.  Now I have to begin to put my first order together.  This could take some time!  I hope I don't forget the Stiff Stuff which led me to your site in the first place! 
                                                                           Have a beautiful day,
I came to do some shopping on the evening of Friday, March 17th.  I arrived with my sister and about 6:35 and realized that you closed at 7 pm!!!  I frantically ran around the store picking up this and that (wanted to walk out with the whole place!!).  Your customer service is amazing!!  Your representative was so kind, informative and patient.  I was able to get tips from her and she urged me not to rush but to take my time.  I did not leave the store until 7:45 with a bagful of goodies for multiple projects. 
I want to thank your staff for their courtesy.  It is not every day that someone can walk into a store and not be hurried out at closing time (especially on a Friday!!)

May your business forever flourish!!




Hi.  Just placed another order – although the pix on the site are great, they do NOT do justice to the beads!!  I’m just blown away by how gorgeous the Harbour Lights mix is – I started a fringed bracelet last night and realized I’ll never have enough with one package….




Just wondering how your guys do everything you do so quickly;)  I always get my orders within the same week I order them, and when I email a question I get a response within hours!  You rock!  I am so unbelievably ecstatic to have found you.  The best beading supply company in Canada by far!  And offering COD is such a convenience!   I am addicted to your site, I love your personal descriptions of the beads!  You have made my hobby so much fun, it is much easier to market my creations knowing that I have a supply company I can count on!  Thanks so much!!!




I just wanted to say, that you guys are the greatest. I went to a beading store in _______ and was looking for a particular bead. The salesperson didn't really know about beads or so it appeared and she just pointed and said they might be over there. How frustrating to waste my time.

I have ordered off you guys twice and withing 48 hours of putting my order in, my beads were at my door. Your website is great. So much variety. I look at it at least once a week just to see what's new. Keep up the great work. You have a customer for life. I have been beading for about 11 years and I wish I had known about you guys a lot earlier. Good things come to those who wait.

A very loyal customer,



Hi! Just received the first order - so I am in hog heaven and loving the wonderful assortment - fingers itching to get busy.<G>.  Thank you so much, look forward to doing more business with you.


Just wanted to drop you a note and say how impressed I am with your service.  Placed my order over the weekend and received it today.  Everything was packaged nicely too.  You definitely have a return customer in me!!!
Thank you again!

Thought I'd let you know that my order arrived today! AWESOME!!!



As all the rest of the comments, your site is Great!!! Very user friendly, it makes shopping for beads a lot more fun than being hunched over thousands of little containers of beads for hours trying to find The perfect bead.

Like a lot of others, I was just browsing around on the Internet when I stumbled on you. I placed an order just to check it out. Since then, I have placed another order and was surprised to see it just two days after I had placed it!!! You have the most beads at cheaper prices than any other places I have visited.

That is why I visit your site at least once every week to check out what's new and update my 'I wish I had these beads' list... I have to admit that you made me a 'beadaholic'. I just love your site, I'm literally hooked on you. And I've hooked a couple of my friends too!!!

Thanks for being there!!!



Well, I just had to write to you guys and say THANK YOU for existing. I have been sending my money, plus duty taxes to the U.S. for over a year now because I could not find a decent Canadian Beading resource that had everything I needed.

I don't know why I could not find you before, I did every search imaginable on the internet but when found you the other day, I was in heaven. Great deals, great service and I got my bead 48 hours after I ordered! Now I find out that I get POINTS too? I feel like I must be in a dream. Silly as that sounds, there really have not been a lot of breaks for Canadian shoppers online but you guys have changed everything for me. If you started making and selling toilet paper I would be buying it from you - that is how much I appreciate your online presence. So thank you once again and I look forward to ordering again soon! So very happy with my order!



I was surfing the web last night looking for findings so I could make more earrings, and I came upon your site; hence this email. Your wesite is simply outstanding! It's written in a friendly, engaging way; it's humorous and down to earth; and it's full of useful information.

I even found myself reading through your online bead catalogue - not because I know anything about beads, but because the descriptions are so earthy and funny and enjoyable. I've read pretty much the whole site, and I can't wait to take one of your courses to see if I like it as much as I think I will. In the meantime, I've ordered a few things to get me started while the iron is hot.

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the speed of my order - I placed an order online Monday night and received the beads today (Friday). As I live in a small town in the Maritimes, its hard to find a really good supply of wire and beads. Your selection is fantastic, your prices are reasonable and your service is wonderful. I will definitely be ordering again.



Firstly, I would like to commend your company on the products. I was nosing around on the internet one evening and came across your website. I was impressed with the site and the volume of stock you carried. I must admit to not knowing what some of the supplies were for as I am not a 'beader'. I decided to place a small order, as a trial of your goods which, fortunately for you, unfortunately for me, grew! I had made the purchase as a surprise gift for my daughter. She was absolutely ecstatic with the purchase and went on and on about the quality of the beads, clarity, colour, etc.

Secondly, I was most impressed with the notification of shipment and the speed with which it arrived. The packing was also most impressive. Very compact but everything labeled and separately packaged. Even I, a non-beader, could identify what was what of the order. Nothing tangled or broken. Absolutely wonderful job!


Just got my second order from you and must tell you that I am most pleased with your service (over the telephone as well), your speedy delivery and above all - "your beads and findings"!!

I am not hot and heavy into beads, so far I have fashioned one or two items (in about 5 years), but I hope to......... soon! Up till now, I seem only to be collecting them and their findings (don't even know what I have in stock - and it is building!)!

Anyhow, just thought I would let you know!

And..... thank you so much!



I just had to send you guys a quick email. I placed an order from you on Monday and to my delight my beads were here by 10:00 this morning. I am still in awe at the wonderful beads.

It is pretty difficult to fully judge and appreciate the colours online, but when I opened my package I was blown away. They are amazing! They are inspiring! I make beaded crocheted ropes for bracelets and necklaces and have been really frustrated at retail stores (no names mentioned) for not carrying a good selection.

I want to thank you for filling the order so quickly and for having such an incredible array of colours and bead types. You can bet your boots that I will definitely be placing another order with you very very very soon. Maybe one day soon I'll even come check out the store.

Thank you,



What an awesome site you have. And all of your work on it is beautiful (all artists shown).



i think your web site is terrific -
user friendly in form and content.
i enjoy your descriptions and comments
on the beads.
i feel like i am visiting a friendly
bead loving spot!



I am very impressed with your site, your selection and your service. Keep up the good work!



I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the info you sent me yesterday! You ladies always give me such wonderful service when I call to ask questions! I wanted to say that your selection and quality is exceptional and I will continue to be a faithful customer for years to come!



I just wanted to tell you that I am very impressed with your service - right from surfing your website, using the ordering process, and being informed that the order was on its way by Canada Post - and all this took only three days. I especially liked the ease of ordering online - so many sites are quite complicated and you wonder if they even get your requests. It's also reassuring to know that you use the "Verified by Visa" service - I wish more used it.



(I'd like to) take this opportunity to let everyone at BeadFX know what a good job they are doing. Really, your online store is my favourite place to shop for all my beading supplies. I even prefer ordering from you than going to my local bead shops and craft stores. Thank-you for making this customer feel valued!

ML - Ottawa, ON


I just wanted to thank you for such a quick delivery on my order. I am very happy with my triangular trays and extra long needles. I had these needles before from a local craft store but could never find them again. I was so happy to see you carry them now. And the bead trays, well I can't say enough, they are great.

JH - Brockville, ON


I just want to say THANKS for the great beads, and mostly the awesome service. I've never had a more pleasant experience ordering off the internet. It's just too bad your on the otherside of the country! If you want to open on the West Coast let me know. My sister and I want to open a bead store out here some day...so hey you never know. I would love to continue the service you provide. AWESOME! Thanks again.

MM - British Columbia


I'm so pleased to have found such a WONDERFUL online shopping bead site (Canadian). Easy to shop, well organized and can't wait to get started! Thanks for your hard work!


I have to tell you how much I love your web site. The humour with which you describe your product is priceless. Please keep it up.

Unfortunately, there are not many bead suppliers where I hail from. Fortunately, I am planning a weekend in Toronto. I look forward to coming to your store and seeing it all in person. I (already) have the map and directions in my purse!



Hi, I just wanted to say that I received my order this morning and I am impressed. Not only is the quality superb!, but it was received in excellent time. Although it was my first order, it most certainly will not be the last. I look forward to visiting your site and hope to come up to Scarborough to shop in your store one of these days.

Thank you


Your company has been extremely helpful and I look forward to ordering your products again in the near future.



Just want to let you know I received my order. Thank you for your help. The beads are beautiful.



I am a new beader, and am currently recuperating at home from an injury, with no way to shop at my local bead store. I was delighted to find your website!

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say this was one of the easiest and least painful online shopping experiences I've had, and also the most enjoyable! Not only is your site easy and helpful, the little personal touches included in some of the descriptions (Olivine, does this *look* like olivine? Ha!) had myself and my non-beading boyfriend in stitches!

Thank you for making this such an enjoyable experience, and I look forward to being able to shop in the real store soon.

M. H.


I received my order yesterday. You are truly one of a kind. The beads are awesome!! The COLOURFX mixes are great, pictures do not do them justice. Thank you so very much. The mix that I loved the most was EXOTICA. The Monster Tims drop beads are fabulous. One very satisfied customer!!



My sister and I attended your funky wiring class back in Feb this year and we had loads of fun. Since then, we've been hooked on trying out new wire designs.

Last weekend, we had our niece over and we showed her some of the wire techniques. She loved it! She went home with a funky bracelet and couldn't wait to show her friends at school. She's a shy girl and I think that participating in beading has helped her gain confidence in herself in completing projects. And she feels great wearing her artwork.

Thanks for introducing us to a fun and creative art form. We look forward to doing more!



Just wanted to let you know that I got my package (so fast!), and I'm so happy with everything. Thanks again for everything.



Hi there, I just received my bead order by Canpar, I am totally happy with the order and the service that you provided. You will definitely be hearing from me again with orders. I love your website and your product — hope you stick around for a long time.


I have just received my first order of your beautiful beads. I love them. I wanted to thank you for your excellent website and service, my beads arrived promptly and in great condition.

I was so happy to find a Canadian on-line source of such high calibre. I have just placed my second order and cannot wait until they arrive.

Thanks again,



I love your site and products and am SO happy to have found a good Canadian supplier. Although I have (literally) pounds of beads, I ordered several hanks of your number eleven beads recently - and I'm thrilled at the colors, the uniformity of size and the very workable hole size. I also bought nymo thread. I'd had an old spool of nymo (it dated back to the times of dinosaurs, I believe), and it was awful - it stretched, it frayed, it tangled. Imagine my delight to see that science has caught up with beading thread! The "new" nymo is superb!

I can tell by the little comments on your site and the conversation when I order that you are all similarly afflicted with the bead disease. That's a bonus for the customer - because you won't sell things you wouldn't use.


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