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Past Lampwork Beads by Jenn

These are Lampwork beads made by Jenn that are sold. They are no longer available, but you can enjoy looking at them still.

Note: Sept 15th.

We're all getting ready for the Bead Oasis Show this weekend, and it's a little crazy around here. More new beads coming next week! I'll move the sold beads into a new gallery to make room.


Added Sept 3rd.

Floral Magika

Yummy....I'm allowed to love my own beads right?

Ink blue, dichro, vines and flowers. Pops right out of an elvish garden.

1 inch, by a little over 1/2"


Price $35.00

Sold - Thank you!

Added Sept 3rd

Deep Blue Sea

Ok, just this last heart...promise this is it ;-) ...well, maybe.

I just love these new frits from Val. Can't remember now exactly what this one was called, but it's an incredible intense blue. This one's a bit smaller than the one below. About an inch long, and 3/4" wide...nice and puffy.

Price $20.00

Sold - Thank you!

Added August 31st.

Only one new item from me today. I'm spending the next 3 days in driving school. Yes, i'm over 30 and just learning how to drive. It's "interesting", I'm the oldest in a class full of giggling teenagers. I had long forgotten what teenage girls were like, and I'm so glad those years are well behind me!

Another frit "bumbum" heart. This one in a luscious brilliant raspberry. This ones an inch wide and a little over an inch long. Made on a 1/8 mandrel, so you can easily slide the bead through a sterling chain, or leather.

Price $20.00

Sold - Thank you!

Added August 30th

Rubino Oro, a most "precious" glass. It creates some amazing effects when mixed with fine silver. Silver and rubino swirled and twisted over clear. The blue you see here is a reaction that occurs when the two combine. This focal measures about 1 1/2" in length, and about 3/4" in diameter.

I'm approximating, as I cannot find any sort of ruler or measuring tape anywhere. But i'm pretty good at guestimating :-)

Price $45.00


Added August 30th

Not really sure what to call this one, I mixed evil purple with some of Val's frits. The stringers on the outside of the bead are a vibrant gold, don't think you can really tell from the pic.

Another size approximation here. A little over an inch long, and a little over a 1/2" in diameter.

That's it for tonight. It's 2 am and we have the Toronto Area Lampworkers meeting at the studio tomorrow, so I should try to get some sleep before then. Liz will sharing her Gathering experiences. I'll see if she'll let me post some pics.

Price $35.00


Added August 29th

Dichro! I've never really been into dichro. It's shimmery and glittery...beautiful, but not really my thing. That said, I love this bead. The core of this bead is a white base completely encased with dichroic glass. There's a lot of fine detail work in the flowers that you really can't see in the photo. The bead is about an 1 1/2" tall and about 3/4" in diameter. This one was fun to make, so you may see more florals coming out of the kiln soon!

Price $50.00


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