The New Cash Wrap

Our new cash desks arrived on Wednesday. We were thrilled, the truck driver far less so! A huge truck pulled up to our loading dock, the driver very, very upset. In between the cursing, he mentioned something about a lack of a loading dock. I don’t think our comment of “well, this is what loading docks looked like 60 years ago” went over so well 😉3 huge 7 foot skids were plopped into the communal hallway of our building. Fortunately, Dan and his good friend Paul were able to help out. Here they are putting it all together. The coffee …

Leslee Frumin Class

I think the class was a huge success! The students were busy creating their own end caps, toggle clasps, twisted earwires, and more. We’ll have to ask Marg, Erin, and Janice to take pics of some of their creations to post.