Kazuri beads – back in stock

Just a quick note – the Kazuri beads – the ceramic African-made beads – we have a new shipment, and some are restock – so they will be available again on the site after midnight on Wednesday when the database refreshes. The page looks sorta sad right now. 🙁 The new ones from the shipment will be up in a week or so.

Sneak Peek at Next Week

Here’s a sneak look at what is coming up in next week’s update – if everything stays on track! I’m currently processing a lot of metal – including these honking big leaves. Despite the size, they are very light – and there is a single hole at the top. I’m sure lots of people will want one for a pendant. I, of course, can picture a bunch of them on a chain with lampwork beads, like a leafy garland with glass fruit! We’ll have a couple of sizes, and silver as well as copper. Speaking of sneak peeks – I …