How-To T.V.

Here’s a cool site for those looking for a little jewelry instruction in small bites, or just some helpful creative ideas. You do have to register to see the videos, but it’s free and they don’t send a lot of announcements out. The video’s are high quality, professionally done, nice and short, and with good sound quality. Definitely worth looking at!

The BeadFX Buyer takes a Busman’s Holiday

I’m taking a few days off work by taking a 3-day Master Class at the Bead & Button Show in chilly downtown Milwaukee, WI. The master class in beadwork was taught by Japanese Designer Sonoko Nozue. The theme was Beaded Jewellery Inspired by Japanese Kimono Design. It was pretty intensive as we covered peyote, spiral stitch and its variations, loomwork, several different methods of creating bezels for stones, and bead crochet. The Japanese bead manufacturers contributed beads in exclusive colours not available in their regular line (yet) and Swarovski provided vintage stones and lots of 3mm bicones. Although most of …