Lazy Sunday

I’m enjoying a peaceful weekend puttering in the garden, painting flower pots with the girls, and we’re about to head out on a road trip. We’re going to drive up to the Stouffville market to get something fresh for dinner tonight. Hopefully, the rain will hold off a bit. If it does rain, spend some time on the computer checking out this site: Not Martha is run by super crafter Megan out of Seattle. There are 7 years worth of crafty archives. Everything from bath bombs to pinata gift containers. I’m always looking for stuff to do with the …

Found Art – Driftwood Sculptures

Well – “Found Art” is a mis-nomer – it’s usually the materials that are found – the art comes from the artist. But this particular artist is certainly finding his materials – driftwood. Life-size sculptures of Wild Horses (and more!) make from driftwood. Check it out! Now, imagine doing that with beads!