Another Exciting Change to our Website!

Woo hoo! Finally! Pictures and clickable links in the shopping cart. Now, when you put items into your shopping cart – you’ll be able to see a picture! Easier to remember what the item was, and get an overall sense of whether the items you are picking go together, and if you forgot something! I can’t begin to tell you how long we have wanted to be able to give you this – and now, here it is. [insert happy dance here!!!!11!1!]

Kudos to You: Corsage Project

Kudos to you, all of you who contributed to the Corsage Project. For those of you not in the know, the Corsage Project is a charity to collect and organize and distribute prom dresses, jewellery, shoes, hair styling, limos, flowers – all the accoutrements of prom night – so that young women who have earned the right to graduate, but might skip the ceremony for financial pressures can still attend and graduate in style and without fear of peer pressure. Each year, we coordinate donating handmade jewellery so that these girls have a special momento of that special night. I …