Found Art – Driftwood Sculptures

Well – “Found Art” is a mis-nomer – it’s usually the materials that are found – the art comes from the artist. But this particular artist is certainly finding his materials – driftwood. Life-size sculptures of Wild Horses (and more!) make from driftwood. Check it out! Now, imagine doing that with beads!

Sneak Peek at Next Week

Psst – wanna know a secret? June 23 and 24 – we’ll be closed for inventory. Know what that means? Uh huh. Starting Wed at midnight, we’ll be having a 20% off everything (pretty much) we’d-rather-sell-it-than-count-it Sale. Wed – June 11. Midnight. Set your alarm clock. This is a no-back-orders, in-stock-only sale. Ends Midnight, June 18th. Because we would really rather not count all these beads. Please help! 😉

How-To T.V.

Here’s a cool site for those looking for a little jewelry instruction in small bites, or just some helpful creative ideas. You do have to register to see the videos, but it’s free and they don’t send a lot of announcements out. The video’s are high quality, professionally done, nice and short, and with good sound quality. Definitely worth looking at!

The BeadFX Buyer takes a Busman’s Holiday

I’m taking a few days off work by taking a 3-day Master Class at the Bead & Button Show in chilly downtown Milwaukee, WI. The master class in beadwork was taught by Japanese Designer Sonoko Nozue. The theme was Beaded Jewellery Inspired by Japanese Kimono Design. It was pretty intensive as we covered peyote, spiral stitch and its variations, loomwork, several different methods of creating bezels for stones, and bead crochet. The Japanese bead manufacturers contributed beads in exclusive colours not available in their regular line (yet) and Swarovski provided vintage stones and lots of 3mm bicones. Although most of …

Craft Show Season!

Well, June has finally arrived and with the warm weather and sunny days comes craft show season! Almost every weekend there seems to be another show or sale on. So why not get in on the action?! Have you always wondered what it takes to get started in the craft show circuit? How much you should make and how on earth to price it all? Not to worry, Catherine Winter aka Sailorgirl is back from sailing the Caribbean to answer all your questions! Catherine successfully makes and sells two jewelry lines using commercial beads for one and her own handcrafted …

Some weekend!

Well, I had some fabulous posts lined up in the queue for some great ideas on how to work with lampwork beads. They were in edit mode as I wanted to get some photography done, then my kid broke out in spots…lots of them. I’ve spent the last few days dousing her in calamine lotion, and giving her cold baths to prevent her from scratching herself. Turns out it was hives brought on by some unknown virus. All is well and good now….finally! Unfortunately, my fabulous post will have to wait a day or two while I catch up. In …

Yet More Bead Finishes!

Well, now that you have your head around AB, Crystal Capri and Zairit, let me lay some more bead finish terms on you. As you may remember (from last week’s posts) – a finish is a treatment or coating applied to a bead to modify it’s colour or texture. So, you’re feeling pretty confident there – well – how do you feel about Oily? Pearl – sure, Lustre, sounds good, but Oily? What about Iris? (Ok, what about her?) Seedbeads add some more terms to your beady vocabulary. We have your, by now, familiar AB (Aurora Borealis) and Matte finish …