Semi-Precious Stone Bead Pages

OK, it’s official – we’re going to stop calling it semi-precious and just refer to them as stone beads. And I’ve done some serious re-organizing here – some of the pages won’t have a lot on them, especially if we are out of stock – but it should be waaaay easier to find things. I hope. Watch for the changes tonight at midnight. Yes – that means that I am actually up at midnight, working on the site. At least I’m working from home!

Textural Herringbone

The sun is shining, the humidity is building and a chorus of cicadas floats through the air. The dog days of summer are finally here! And what could be better than taking your beading outside! Sure the breeze kicks up every-so-often and blows your beading mat and all of your beads across lawn – but it’s warm and it’s sunny and we certainly need the vitamin D. But if you’re looking for a break from all that heat and humidity, drop by our air conditioned store this Sunday July 20th for Cindy Vroom’s Textural Herringbone class. Create a light and …