Sneak Peek at Next Week

Coming this week – seedbead city. Yowsers – More Tobo 8/0s and now we’re starting in on the Toho 11/0s. And maybe, hopefully – I’ll get the new stone of the month done too. Woohoo! Brioche Agate – which sounds more like an exotic dessert to me.

Grey Day

Today was grey, mostly. The sky was grey, the weather was grey, there was a mist on everything that made all the world look saturated with water, but not with colour. Waiting at an intersection – the car across from me was a happy orange, a lovely ripe mango flesh colour. Mmm. Tasty and happy. I watched, as four cars in various shades of grey crossed the intersection. Then more. The cars next to me were grey. Look – a dull sage grey. And more grey. And oooh, a black car! More grey. I sat, stunned, as a parade of …