Talk Like a Pirate Day

ooo – quick reminder – today is “Talk Like a Pirate Day” – you think I’m joking, don’t ye, matey. Well avast there and check out their website, and prepare to cast off, squint and add “arrr” at every available opportunity. Almost as much fun as Halloween!

Look – Wolves!

Not that this really has anything to do with beads, but I was taking my two dogs for a walk (to the mail box, to mail a bead, so it is sort of related) – and it was early – with the kids on their way to school. I have two German Shepherds (German Shedders, as I like to call them) – but, let me hasten to add, they are not “Show” dogs – they are from German working dog lines and they bear little resemblance to the typical North American show dog. (here’s a pic of one of them.) …

Toronto Bead Society – Fall Bead Fair

It’s a fall line up of beady things to do. The OTHER major “must-do” bead show of the fall season in Toronto – the Toronto Bead Society: Fall Bead Fair, November 8-9, 2008. A great show – as usual, at the YMCA, 20 Grosvenor St. (just west of Yonge St.), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. See you there!