What the heck is a Kazuri Bead?

Well – that’s an excellent question – what is a Kazuri Bead? On our website, we list them as Hand-made African Ceramic Beads – which describes what they are, but not what they do! From our webpage: These beads are made by a project to provide sustainable employment for women in Kenya. Sale of these beads enable these women to support their families. This project has grown and now provides employment for hundreds of women with little education and even less prospects for their future. Over thirty years old now, the project provides fair wages and excellent working conditions. Care …

Look – Wolves!

Not that this really has anything to do with beads, but I was taking my two dogs for a walk (to the mail box, to mail a bead, so it is sort of related) – and it was early – with the kids on their way to school. I have two German Shepherds (German Shedders, as I like to call them) – but, let me hasten to add, they are not “Show” dogs – they are from German working dog lines and they bear little resemblance to the typical North American show dog. (here’s a pic of one of them.) …

Talk Like a Pirate Day

ooo – quick reminder – today is “Talk Like a Pirate Day” – you think I’m joking, don’t ye, matey. Well avast there and check out their website, and prepare to cast off, squint and add “arrr” at every available opportunity. Almost as much fun as Halloween!

Toronto Bead Society – Fall Bead Fair

It’s a fall line up of beady things to do. The OTHER major “must-do” bead show of the fall season in Toronto – the Toronto Bead Society: Fall Bead Fair, November 8-9, 2008. A great show – as usual, at the YMCA, 20 Grosvenor St. (just west of Yonge St.), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. See you there!


Well, so much for my blog post today. Now we’re all running around sans heads here at the shop. Cynthia, Nadine and crew are down at the show trying to get everything set up. As usual, nothing goes as planned. Everyone except us seems to have electricity, and there is so much energy being emanated from Cynthia, we should just plug her in. 🙂 I don’t have much else to report other than we just got a HUGE shipment of Kazuri beads. Thousands of them! We’re going to try to bring some of them down to show. We’ll see if …

Show Craziness!

Well, it’s that time again. We’re crazy busy getting ready for the Bead Oasis show this weekend. Cynthia and team are busy preparing all of the racks. We’ll be bringing our full selection of Delica’s to the show, which complements the newest book we’ll be bringing down – The Beaded Sphere, by Judy Walker! We only had 10 preorder copies, but we’ve just ordered another batch. If you miss out this weekend, we should have more early next week. We hope to see you at the show this weekend! The Bead Oasis show runs Friday through to Sunday. Friday September …

Fuel your passion with the Mint

It looks like the Royal Canadian Mint is hopping on the Swarovski bandwagon. The Mint has released a pure silver $20 Coin, set with a Swarovski crystal drop. It’s quite pretty actually. Speaking of Swarovski, last week the latest Swarovski newsletter hit my mailbox. Here’s a pretty project just listed on the Swarovski Site – Going to Tucson this winter? CREATE YOUR STYLE IN TUCSONA CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements event where you can learn do-it and design-it-yourself techniques under expert guidance from the industry’s top application, design, and trend experts. This creative forum is open to everyone from first time …

5 Essential things you need to know to Make Jewelry – Part 4 – Jump Rings

The 4th thing you need to know to make jewelry – woohoo – you are almost completely edu-ma-cated-up here. Jumprings are an essential component for connecting things, i.e. adding clasps, dangles, chain extenders, etc. It also applies to opening ear wires and any simple loop. The basic idea is to twist the wire sideways, as pulling it apart will bend the wire completely out of shape and you’ll never get it back, and it will also weaken the wire and make it more likely to break.

Bead Knitting is big at the K-W Knitter’s Fair!

Our first show of the fall season was technically speaking not a bead show, but a knitting show. The Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair is arguably the largest knitting-oriented retail show in Canada, drawing at least 1600 eager buyers from as far away as Ottawa, Montreal and upstate New York. There were only 70 vendors at this show spread over two large halls. This may seem small by bead show standards but, after all, yarn takes up a lot more space than beads do! BeadFX had a small booth selling beads and buttons for knitting and bead-knitting related books and tools. We …

Site of the Week: If you sell on Etsy.com

Then you probably want to know about this site. Majaba.org gives you access to your stats in a slightly more comprehensive style than etsy does – showing you at a glance which of your items has been favourited (heart’ed) and compared to the number of views. It also shows who has favourited (heart’ed) you too. A very useful little tool!