Sneak Peek at Next Week

Only 2 more days of the sale – then we’re back to weekly batches o’ new stuff. This week has been a lot of tracking down odds n ends – There’s some cool Thai Silver, oh, and check out this Hissing Cat Clasps! And some Dragon Pendants. Because a day without dragons is a day without a large, mythological, fire-breathing lizard. And, for the lampworkers – this bead cap is awesome – large and shallow and a perfect fit on lots of lampwork!

Look what she made!

We LOVE it when our customers show us what they make! Check this out! Halloweeny spiderey yarn with liddle beady bugs! The beads are incorporated into the yarn and ready for knitting up into something very cool! And she has it up for sale on Etsy – so you can buy it and carry on the creativity! You go girl!