In the Pink

On Wednesday (tomorrow) – our new Swarovski colours, Dark Indigo Blue and Indian Pink will go live on the website. Jen mentioned them a week or two ago, but I wanted to show you the Indian Pink in a comparison shot, so that you could see the difference between it and the Rose and the Padparadscha. It really does fall smack dab between these two colours. The Padparadscha is a more orangey colour – true to it’s namesake – the sapphires from Padparadscha – and the Rose is a pretty, girly pink. The Indian Pink is a more intense colour. …

The Future of Bead Shows

Last month, we asked our fearless beaders this question*: It used to be practically impossible to find out new sources of beads and new products without going to shows. Now, just about everything is available online. How important do you think bead shows are and will be in the future? The response is a resounding “Very Important!” While a handful of you felt that bead shows have, or will shortly out live their usefulness – most of you felt that bead shows are, and will continue to be an importance source of inspiration, a great way to find new sources …

Cranky Customer

Misery loves company. Does customer service, or the lack thereof, make you crazy? For instance, do you want to strangle your car dealer or quietly hack up the local computer sales geek into tiny little pieces? If you hear “your call is important to us” one more time, are you going to scream? Well – this site may not solve your problems – but at least you know you are in good company. – not random whinings, but well-thought out and well-documented cases of customer complaints. You are not alone.

Funny Site of the Day

Ok, so we don’t have a funny site every day, but this one makes up for it. You just gotta love Rick Mercer. Enjoy your morning coffee while looking through the photo challenges on his blog. Viewers have downloaded images of our political leaders and past hopefuls, and morphed them with photo editing software. Some of the entries are absolutely hilarious, and be prepared to waste a bit of time – there are a few years worth of submissions.