Inspirational Quotes

On the wall of the studio, someone stuck up a quote, which says in essence: The more I do what I am supposed to do, the more I become who I am supposed to be. (I may have the exact wording wrong, and I can’t remember the author.) But it’s food for pondering, and I ponder it quite a bit, as some days it seems to be words to live for, and other days, it seems simplistically obvious. But one thing is clear – it mattered enough to someone to write it down and put it on the wall. The …

When it rains, it pours.

Sorry for the lack of blog post today. A few weeks ago, a flu bug that started with my kids hit us, then my husband and I developed bronchitis…Well, now the kids have it. I need everyone to send over some healthy vibes this way 🙂 – more tomorrow once my headache goes away (or when my kids finally pass out for the night)!