New CreativeFX Kits a Comin’

Whohoo! We’re a little overdue to get the new kits up, but with March Madness and all we fell a wee bit behind. I was determined to get them picked yesterday. We’ve got three new kits selected for next week. Stay tuned!

It’s a fun process selecting our kits. First we start with a focal of some kind, not necessarily a huge bead – but something unique and hopefully a little bit different. Then we select the supporting cast. This is where we get to play with colour. The selection process can take quite a bit of time, and some lovely beads have to be discarded, and others picked up instead. Then we go through and try to keep the kit within the $20 range. A little over or under is ok, but a $50 kit is pushing it a bit….more has to be sadly discarded. In the end, you’ve got a cool selection of beads to play with…and a chance to win beads!


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