Update on the Corsage Project

Just got an email from the organizers at the Corsage Project. The distribution event was this past weekend. The email says in part: Our event went well and we helped about 270 girls. It was crazy busy, but we did it thanks to the caring and generosity of people like yourselves. I hope one day you will come to the event as a guest just so you can see what your work does for the girls. Nice to know we all are making a difference!

Hanging Around

Necessity is the mother of invention – there is probably no truer an axiom on the planet. Mostly, we invent new things and new ways of doing things because we need to. 😉 So – I was out of bails one day … and had already wired up the pendant, and the loop was too small for the chain. I didn’t have a jumpring big enough or sturdy enough – but I did have some of these “S” shaped clasps. So I used that to attach the pendant to the chain. And it works really well – and now it’s …