Oh my goodness – Handmade Spaces

I just took a quick peek again at the Modishblog – There is an occasional/weekly feature called Handmade Spaces. Inspired to set up your own private crafting sanctuary? You’ve got to check this out. If you’re at work – I suggest you wait until you get home. Lot’s of reading and eye candy – a few hours worth in fact! http://www.modishblog.com/modish/handmade_spaces/

This Week at Beadfx….

I am a bit behind today, so this is going up a bit late. As many of you may know we have quite a few different instructors here at Beadfx. And I know that we always mention the instructor by name, but we do not always talk about who they really are. So, I will be including a brief bio on a different instructor each week in my blog in the coming weeks. This week we will be featuring Stephanie Dixon. Stephanie has been a “hooker” since the age of 9. Originally from Montreal, she learned to crochet in grade …

Blogging tips

Twitter is useful sometimes. I just got a tweet about an indie biz chat on Etsy in the virtual Labs. Jena from modish will be speaking about how to get your blog noticed in the blogosphere. Tips from a pro! The chat starts at 3pm EST on the Etsy Labs