Taking Great Photos. Part 4: Shutter Speed and Why You Care

Some of you, in rooting around in your camera’s manual – may have discovered that you can also change your “shutter speed.” Most camera’s are digital these days – but a lot of the terms we use are holdovers from the still fairly recent days of mechanical cameras – so while they don’t really function the same way – as the underlying mechanism isn’t quite the same – we still talk about “shutter speed,” “f-stop,” “aperture,” and, most bizarrely, “film speed.” As some point, some young camera designer with have a “what the heck moment” and come up with some …

Changes – Swarovki Bicones – 5301 become 5328

Swarovski has announced changes to it’s Crystallized by Swarovski bicones. This classic faceted bicone is a staple of jewelry making and beading, as it is a both beautiful, highly versatile, and relatively inexpensive – as compared to other crystal beads. The old style – also often referred to as “5301” – which is it’s product number, is a faceted bicone with equal-sized and spaced facets. Swarovski is replacing them with the new Xilion cut 5328s – a bicone of the same size, but with alternating wide and narrow facets. Whether these will ultimately prove to be sparklier or not, it’s …

Sneak Peek at Next Week

Arrr, matey. Today is international “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” So avast there, and set your course for New tools – we’ve got ’em both for wet-behind-the-ears landlubbers and old salty dawgs. And for those of you with a love of the old gold treasure look – and what pirate doesn’t love treasure? – Vintaj is back! And now with matching wire and chain too, arrrr!

Time to work on your holiday creations!

Yes, it’s that time again – already. get a head start on your holiday jewelry lines and gifts. Here is a selection of our previous projects to get your started. Watch out in the coming weeks for new holiday ideas. Bejeweled Gift Bag Silver Bells Earrings Silent Night Crystal Ice Earrings

Setting up an Etsy Site

I received a convo (an etsy term for an email) from one of our customers on my personal etsy site. Our customer wanted to know if I could offer advice on setting up the store, and accepting payments (paypal etc). I’m sure she’s not the only one who wants to know, so I’ve decided to write a multi part blog post on Thursdays on everything I know about selling on Etsy. I would love to hear comments from anyone else who has experience. Feel free to add in to the discussion. Also, please use the comment section to suggest future …

34,000 Year Old Twine Woven by Ancient Humans

Humans who lived 34 thousand years ago in a cave in the Republic of Georgia were making clothing from dyed, woven fibers. Scientists who discovered the fibers say they are the oldest known examples of human-made cloth and rope. Check out the rest of the blog post here: http://io9.com/5356903/34000+year+old-twine-woven-by-ancient-humans-discovered Be sure to look at the comments below the article as well – especially about the ‘annoying hemp’ bracelets 😉

We Are Jam Packed!!

The next couple of weeks are totally jam packed! This week we have Charmed I’m Sure with Heather Bell-Denison on Tuesday September 15th. Suzanne Crudden’s Metal Smithing 101 class begins on Wednesday from 6-9pm and we only have 2 spaces left! This is an eight week beginner class. We also have the Bling Ring class with Stephanie Dixon on Wednesday September 16th from 6:30-8:30pm. This class is a lot of fun, as all of Stephanie’s classes are! Thursday September 17th is week two of Cindy Vroom’s Bead Stitching 101 Continued. This week’s focus is the Russian Coralling Technique. There are …

Taking Great Photos. Part 3: Getting the Colour Correct

Ok – let’s get down to some specifics of taking great pictures of your jewelry and beads. Last week, I gave you the homework to go find or google your camera and find out about “white balance.” White balance is how we compensate, with the camera, for the colour of light we are using. We have to manually correct for this as we do it so automatically with our eyes that we don’t even notice that we are doing it. Ever looked at a photo that you took and been stunned by how weird the colour was? Maybe it was …

Got Crabs?

Are these not FABULOUS!?! These were made by Robin Wang – a customer and student here: She says: “Here are a few pictures of my Swarovski crabs. The small ones are quite small… mostly made of 3 mm bicones.” I think they are totally awesome – they actually were part of her contest entry to the big Swarovski competition one year! The entry was a big display and had to be driven to the contest headquarters. She thinks that she may be responsible for the change in the rules that stipulates that entries have to be “shippable.” 😉