Artistic Wire Repackaged

We’ve been low on Artistic Wire lately as the manufacturer has been changing the packaging, and they didn’t want to ship any until they got it all converted. Well – it looks like they may finally be done, and so the new stock is starting to trickle in. They have switched the size and type of spool, with the new spool (bottom) resembling those that the Softflex and other beading wire and cables come on. It’s still the same quantity on a spool. And being a larger, wider spool, will take up more room on the wall. (sigh)

Playing with a different type of clay

A number of weeks ago, I pulled out some earthenware clay that I had bought quite some time ago. Fortunately, the clay was still moist.  I made up a small batch of pendants, and I’ve now got them in the kiln for a bisque fire. It’ll be interesting to see how these turn out. Earthenware, I believe needs to be fired to cone 04 for it’s bisque firing. One little problem I have is that my glass kiln only goes to 1900F – this isn’t quite hot enough. It should fire to around 1950 to be cone 04.  I’m hoping …