Sneaky Peeky

Sorry folks, for the lateness of this – every time I have sat down today to write this, I have been foiled by life. Anyhoo, coming at ya, next week, some stone beads. These rather fabulous 5 piece sets, in Red Creek Jasper, and Wonderstone. I’m not being facetious. Google it. Wonder stone or Wonder Rock. Rather wonderful, actually.

Please Excuse the Dust!

…in the store, that is. We moved our offices to the new section last week, the new classroom has been set up (except for the lighting), so now we have started the expansion of the new store space. The old wall at the back of the store has been removed. New slat wall and cabinets are being installed, some miscellaneous repairs are being made, new lighting will be added throughout the store, and pretty soon we’ll be able to move product into the new section! But in the meantime, things are a bit chaotic around here. We’ve had to move …