Sneaky Peeky

Sorry folks, for the lateness of this – every time I have sat down today to write this, I have been foiled by life. Anyhoo, coming at ya, next week, some stone beads. These rather fabulous 5 piece sets, in Red Creek Jasper, and Wonderstone. I’m not being facetious. Google it. Wonder stone or Wonder Rock. Rather wonderful, actually.

Please Excuse the Dust!

…in the store, that is. We moved our offices to the new section last week, the new classroom has been set up (except for the lighting), so now we have started the expansion of the new store space. The old wall at the back of the store has been removed. New slat wall and cabinets are being installed, some miscellaneous repairs are being made, new lighting will be added throughout the store, and pretty soon we’ll be able to move product into the new section! But in the meantime, things are a bit chaotic around here. We’ve had to move …

Not beads

I know I promised pics today – Life got in the way yesterday, and I don’t have them ready. Instead I have a Friday linky love post. The first is the blog of Dawn Schiller – Odd Fae and Autumn things – Dawn makes art dolls out of felt and polymer clay. Very cool stuff! Second up (and this one does have beads) is the blog of Zuleykha – Zuleykha is a polymer clay artist as well, and you should check out the teeny tiny cupcakes she made! If you want to know more about polymer clay in general – …

More playing around

I don’t have any pics today, but they will come tomorrow. I’ve been playing around a bit more with resin, and polymer clay! I’ve always been extremely challenged when it comes to polymer clay. Everything I’ve ever made looks like it was made by a child 😉 What was always most frustrating about this, is that I have seen some fabulous work combining polymer clay with metal clays. My problems usually occurred during baking. It would bubble up, and/or burn, among other problems. I recently came across a tutorial from an artist whose patinas I’ve long admired. Shannon Levart of Miss Fickle Media. She …


I recently received a lovely thank you letter from the organizers of the Corsage Project and would like to pass on their thank yous. Over 250 girls benefited from this years program. I would just like to thank all of you who dropped off or mailed in donations, it is much appreciated. Also a big thanks to Dwyn for her huge donation of pieces and to Malliga for tirelessly helping me organize everything and match the pieces together, and of course for her many many donated pieces. Below are a couple more photos of some of the donations we received. …

This Weekend at BeadFX

The long weekend is coming, but is not here yet. This is a great weekend to come by and take a class or two. We have two fabulous instructors here this weekend–Amy Waldman-Smith and Marilyn Gardiner! Amy has a Learn to Make Glass Bead Weekend coming up on May 15th and 16th. This is a beginner level class which provides you with lots of torch time! Marilyn will be here on Saturday May 15th for two classes. The Boss Pearl Necklace from 10 to 1pm. From 2 to 5pm she will be teaching the Parallel Flowers Bracelet. These are both …

Information is Beautiful

What drew me to this site – information is – first was a map of the meaning of colours in different cultures. I was so fascinated that I printed out a copy for further study. Red – lots of red. Red is highly significant to humans, I think we can concur. But then I got cruising around the rest of the site. Wonderful stuff. Like a visualization of the efficacy of popular supplements and vitamins. Or time travel in popular culture. The hierarchy of digital distractions (mobile phone trumps land line. Text message trumps email.) Way cool stuff!

We’ve moved the office!

It looks like the staff were quite busy yesterday! The old office has been completely cleaned out, and a new coat of paint is already on the floor. As some of you know, we took over yet another unit in the building we are in. We now have three full units. The old office will become our new classroom, and our current classroom will be used to expand the store.  And you know what that means…more beads! We’ll post some pics soonish!

Moving Day

We are moving our online ordering area to a new part of the building today. Consequently, There may be some disruptions in the phone service to the order desk today. Thank you for your patience!

Pricing your jewellery

Thank you Margot, Laura, and Jody for your comments yesterday. I thought it would be timely to post some links to some basic pricing formulas to help those of you who are just starting. There are also a number of excellent books on the market that cover this in much more depth. We normally stock Catherine Winters – How to start a microbusiness book. Catherine is a friend of mine, but I would recommend it regardless. Maybe call/email the shop to find out when they will have it back in stock.  There are also a number of other books out …